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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

by Lailantie

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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I just clicked me too. It especially happens when one or two household members spend a day in their restaurant and return home in the evening. The butler comes running towards the house, and it's always three different butlers taking turns. Most often, I see my current butler as a restaurant guest or beach tourist or entertainer in the lounge, while she is supposed to be at home to take care of the toddler. I also don't want my butler on vacation when I leave my kid at home.


I noticed that it happens when one or two sims or the whole household spends a longer time away travelling with the cellphone during the day. It also happens when I spend a day at the beach, but not as often as it happens when I work at the restaurant.

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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@Lailantie Exactly! But hey, as long as our keyboard and mouse change color to match our sims emotions, huh! LOL 😂
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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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Not only on PC but on the consoles as well. I’m having problems with butlers and other weird glitches on XBOX. They need to fix this....problems span back past 2018. It’s still a problem in 2021.....

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Re: [TO TEST] [VGSP] [DO] Butler changes after restaurant visit

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My butler changes to the one I hate, no matter what I do.

I despise Krystal. She's old, she doesnt work, she sits around and reads and drinks all day long. She doesnt do any work except to dusk my desk... repeatedly. And follow me around wanting to talk. I hate her.

I hired the butlers, and Vanessa arrived. Loved her! Then, suddenly, Krystal replaces her. I fire the butler and hire a new one. This new one started with an N. I loved her! Then, suddenly, Krystal replaces her, too. I fired Krystal again. Now she shows up at my door daily trying to visit and stays on my porch for hours unless I stop what I am doing and make her go away.

Krystal arrived at one of my other households, too. After a day, I fired her. She shows up EVERY DAY to visit. I am scared to hire butlers now, because they all turn in to LAZY KRYSTAL.

Please get rid of Krystal.

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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I also have this glitch, but for me, the butler isn't guaranteed to change each time. Only about 25 percent of the time it happens, but it is worth noting that  it only switches between 2 different butlers that  I had already edited, and no new ones are being generated. The butler settings however reset every single time. Every time the lot reloads I have to retell my butler to "stop gardening" through responsibilities.

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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This butler problem has GOT to stop.

Forget that the butler changes EVERY SINGLE TIME I leave the house for work (actress, so going to the studio) or the Magic Realm or anywhere...

Nyelli (?sp?) REFUSES to wear her butler uniform. EVER. She also is now refusing to cook for me... at all. I try to order her to do this and the game tells me she cannot complete the required task. There is no reason why she cannot. The game suggested counter space, adequate place to perform task... I have a big kitchen. I'm not sure why the game refuses to let the butler cook for me.

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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This REALLY NEEDS Addressed! This same issue has been ongoing since 2017.


It's interesting to see what SimGuruNick says about this after examining a player's save file:


"We were indeed able to narrow down reproduction steps on this one, it's specific to rotational gameplay. Playing rotationally doesn't preserve butler assignment apparently. Not sure when it'll get fixed, but we've definitely got a report on it."




So 'they' ARE aware of this issue. I just cannot imagine WHY they haven't fixed it yet! :<

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