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[OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

by Annamanna23

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Re: Cured sim still gets vampire buffs

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Just wanted to add something (Uncontrollable Hissing user from earlier in the thread). I started playing again after a few days and when I opened my bugged sim she had stopped showing signs of her removed hissing trait for about 4 hours. However, my cat overloaded my queue and crashed my game, and when I reloaded she was hissing again (I'd saved a few times within those 4 hours). Not sure what this could indicate, but the bug doesn't seem constant based on some variable I didn't notice :') Maybe because I opened her perk/weakness panel before the game properly booted up?


Edit: I did the same thing again (opened/closed the perk panel during the initial pause when you load your household) and she hasn't hissed since. I would love to know if this is a work around for anyone else or if I just have a unique bug.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

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So I had the same problem, where the weaknesses and some buffs didn't go away after becoming human, what worked for me was:

1. Turn your sim into a vampire using mcc(recommend cause worked for me) or cheats to instantly become one

2. Become a grandmaster vampire (which I believe is the highest rank) with a cheatcode

3. Now in the vampire power menu, choose the buffs and weaknesses you still had as a human, so the stomach one and dampened emotions for me.

4. Now that you have them, use a cheatcode WHILE STILL IN VAMPIRE MODE to get rid of the weakness and buff

5. If you now turn into a human using mcc or a cheat to become a human

6. The weakness/buff should be gone!

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Re: former vampire still dislikes normal food

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It seems like vampires have a whole lot of bugs. For me, I have a former vampire who died to the sun, when I was able to add her to the household again by getting the friendship bar up and asking her to move in, she would have 1.6k vampire skill points (while my other vampire is stuck at nearly a full bar and can't gain any more points). I then let said other vampire mix the healing drink, which the ghost vampire drank. She turned human again, and would get the old human needs back aswell as having skills like the bat or teleportation and weaknesses like the one where she can only sleep in coffins removed. I later quit the game and when I started playing again I noticed her having a +10 "Okay"-moodlet that overrides all other moodlets, and which is caused by the associated vampire skill. Removing the moodlet/resetting all moodlets with commands works, until I save the game and reload. Just now I noticed her being sick and vomiting, even though the food she ate was perfectly fine, and she still seems to have the Withered Stomach weakness active.

This adds ontop of the other issues I am having with vampires. It doesn't matter whether I play with or without mods, swap saves around, reset all Sims using mods or commands or do a Waltz. Currently I am trying a completely new save with a newly created vampire. Let's see whether I get those bugs again.


Edit: so I got the Sim up to the Max. Vampire stage eventually, and now he is stuck with a nearly full bar, unable to get any more points past 48, so this whole "being able to still gain points without having to accept any more weaknesses" doesn't really work. I did not use any mods at all, it seems that either vampires themselves are bugged or that there are other packs it conflicts with.

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Re: former vampire still dislikes normal food

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I agree, the Vampires seem to have several bugs. I'm also now noticing the uncontrollable hissing in a Vamp who hasn't had that trait for quite some time, as well as a formerly sloppy drinker who is not getting as much thirst filled as she should be.

But in other news my sims are gaining vamp xp points again, so that's nice.

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

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I get sick when I eat making it impossible to continue without cheats. I noticed this glitch before I had saved. I took a draught of reconfiguration and reset my points. The first few times I ate food I didn't get the nauseous moodlet. But after 24 hours I started to get it after eating a little food

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

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I have a vampire sim who I cured in game legitimately with the Ultimate Vampire Cure potion and everything seemed fine at first.

When I reloaded the game next time however he had the Dampened Emotions moodlet and was throwing up while eating food. He seems to still have all of his powers and weaknesses from being a vampire even though he isn't any more.

In various attempts to fix this I removed all his perk points and weakness points via cheats, and turned him into a vampire and back again various time using both cheats and legitimate in game methods. 

I'm really bummed out by this as this is a sim I have been playing for a long time and I was really excited for him to go back to being a normal person. 

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Re: Sim won't stop vomiting

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Been having the same issue with my two vampires that I cured, now that they are humans again they cant eat anything without vomiting it back up. I think it’s because they had the Vampire Trait of throwing up when eating human food, and that the trait has stuck there. One of them also had the trait that dampens emotions, and she has that still as a human. I think you’ll have to turn the sim back to a vampire, have them drink the reconfiguration drink and then cure the vampirism

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Re: Sim won't stop vomiting

yeah, that's currently a known issue:

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

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Yes the same thing is happening to me. I have a vampire sim who drank cure vampire drink made at the bar and now she is human she can’t eat without feeling sick and being sick. I also have the option to throw up when I click on the toilet. She also still gets the eternal sadness moodlet even though she is human again. I think it all started when I got her to drink the reconfiguration drink when she was a vampire to try and change a few perks around, it would not let me select them correctly and she was still experiencing moodlets from weaknesses I had already cancelled out. 

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Re: [OPEN] [V] Former vampire still has Vampire behavior

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I was really hoping this would have been fixed by the patch that came out the other day!


As far as I can tell there are three major issues going on with vampires at the moment.


1. Cannot get past Grand Master level when you are a vampire, always says 2 points to next level. 


2. Perks and Weaknesses are not being cancelled out correctly when you use the Draught of Reconfiguration drink made at the bar or using cheats. Previous weaknesses are remaining on top of new weaknesses, even though they are unseen in the weakness panel. 


3. When your sim returns to being a human they are still getting the negative moodlets of being a vampire eg weak stomach (they can’t eat and then throw up) , eternal sadness, hissing etc. 


Please, please fix this!!

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