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Re: [OPEN] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

by lepetitemais

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

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Its related, yes. Also i think it'll be productive if someone look at this "one square entrance" problem, as it can potantialy happen with any spawnable, like crates with snow globes and ETC. and also why this trash plant grows there if there isnt any pet in the neighborhood or garbage near or inside the lot? I also think that only brindleton bay spawn random pets as "pedestrians" (they are called townies arent they? idk)
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

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I've seen this down on the docks of Brindleton Bay. I thought maybe it was caused by a cat being sick? Not sure. I use the All Cheats mod by Twisted Mexi, so I was able to shift-click and delete it.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

EA Sims Team

Could anyone who has experienced this issue possibly share a save file with me? More info for sharing saves is here, thanks for the help!

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Re: [TO TEST] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

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If you are high enough in gardening skill your sim can take cuttings. Taking cuttings 3 times will kill the trash plant. You can then go into game cheats on and set as head a trash can on your sim and thow it away. Follow the instructions as described in this video: 


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Trash everywhere

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Trash plants and ashes are appearing in my sims apartment and in San Myshuno (also in places where I can't delete them) This is happening since the June 19th update.

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Re: Trash everywhere

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Happy Gaming


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Re: Trash everywhere

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I have also noticed this happen in my game as well, more predominantly after the Island Living Patch, but I did notice them around before that as well, but it wasn't bothering or around my property then so I didn't care that much in that moment. Though not 'Everywhere' I still haven't fully looked around, I can definitely say they are growing in some weird locations. I do have Trash plants growing in concrete in bunches and even through the Apartment walls of my building *Hakim House*. I didn't realize that it was a glitch until a few days ago when I noticed them growing out of the concrete, and my sims were constantly getting the 'Unpleasant Surroundings' moodlet when leaving the apartment. It's in that negative area between the Apartment and park/kiosk square as well and to see them the Camera Angle has to be in an awkward position and angle. 

I have tried moving/deleting them using cheats, as well with one of my sims who has a high Gardening skill and even she didn't have the option to destroy. I even tried with a mod, and even that didn't work, I was able to move them, but it just moved them through a wall or grounds plane and I reverted it due to thinking it would cause issues if kept like that due to them not being there but still there. But I still was given no option to destroy. And I do not know if it occured by itself or it was from my dog 'Fertilizing' that area as some people think...

Do you know any way to remove those plants that doesn't involve some weird alternative like 'Cutting them and putting them in a trash can that you set as your head' Thanks.

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Re: Trash everywhere

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@Cur13yKar13y I remember reading somewhere that you could kill a plant with high gardening skill that involves grafting over and over again. But I don't know for sure what it entails . I really wish we could throw trash away that didn't belong to my Sim or that we could actually make those little community lots more useful with things like trash cans .
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Re: [OPEN] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

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Bumping. Currently counting 16 trash plants in Cavalier Cove (my active BB household on Houndstooth head). Would love to not have to run around all day to pick up other peoples dog poop, plz and thank you. Standard smile 


@SimGuruNick save:


EDIT: "Killing" the plants doesn't help, as attempting to throw it away produces a trash pile, and the sims can't reach a trashcan, therefore leaving the trash in the same place, hence producing a new trash plant. Such is the circle of trash life.


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Re: [OPEN] Trash Plants Showing Up Everywhere

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Hey y'all! Noticed that I overlooked something (very obvious) with my non-solution. What you can do is:

Shift+Click plant, set one of the plant stages (water, insects, etc.) to the worst one possible so the plant dies.

Make sim "Throw away dead plant" (Or English equivalent to "Släng död växt")

When they inevitably drop the trash on the ground (as there's no trash can close enough nearby "99%" of the time), click it and add to inventory.


Really wish there wasn't so many trash plants to begin with, but the best thing I can do under the circumstances is to pretend my scout sim is cleaning up the neighbourhood. Modern problems require modern solutions.


Happy gaming!

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