[OPEN] Toddler/Kids weight slider all stuck on same level on aging

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Re: All children of played families are overweight

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I also had this problem.  I was testing an Vampire/Mermaid combination (Dad Vampire and Mom Mermaid) .  They had a daughter.  I didn't notice if she was a chubby toddler or not, since I aged her within a few Sim hours to a child because I wanted her to age to teen quickly to determine how badly a Vampire/Mermaid hybrid will be glitched.  Upon aging up to a school-aged child, she was heavy!  Her parents are very trim and muscular, and she only age one meal as a toddler before I aged her. Now I want to get her a brother to see if he's a regular weight or not. Raised eyebrow


Update to add that I have all the packs and have never used Mods or CC.  I play on a PC. Wink


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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Female Toddler weight slider maxed out on aging

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I have another update: It seemed like after the patch that came with Island Living that the glitch was fixed, but I think with the July patch (the 1000+ new items one), it came back, just slightly differently. Now when the boy children age into sliders, they have their weight sliders almost at the minimum, regardless of their parent's weights, while the girls have their weight sliders slightly above the midpoint of the sliders. It also seems like the boys do not gain weight at all until they're adults, while the girls gain weight how sims normally do. Has anyone else had this new issue too? 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Female Toddler weight slider maxed out on aging

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My toddlers always have like 90% fat, even if both parents are skinny. I always have to enter cas and lower the weight slider, same as they age into children and teens. I'vee also noticed that elders get maxed hip wideness and bad posture, despise being athletic/fit.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Female Toddler weight slider maxed out on aging

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So I know this hasn't been posted on in several months and I thought this glitch was fixed but in my new save it happened again. The parents in my game both have their weight sliders at halfway and their son aged up with his halfway, but their daughters aged up into toddlers with it almost maxed up. One of my sims is a spellcaster and the other is a Maxis-made sim from the gallery, but I don't know if either of those things matter with the glitch. I just thought I should mention that this glitch is still happening. 

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Re: [OPEN] Female Toddler weight slider maxed out on aging


@AnneSims34 I have also had some weight frustrations in my girl toddlers. I haven't tested for it and am only mentioning this from things I remembering taking a loos note of, but I began noticing this around the time I was trying to keep my babies and toddlers younger a bit longer before aging them up - to increase the relationship a bit more for the baby before aging then to increase the skills a bit more for toddlers before aging. Because of this I wonder if this was related to the issue or just a coincidence. This would have all been over the last year or so, maybe. I don't remember noticing it before that, though. I didn't have an issue with chubby toddlers or children in the past as I don't overfeed them They eat healthy foods, and they're reasonably active. 


I did find that if I had the child exercise &/or swim a lot, have diet ice cream, or reshape them in CAS, once they got to a fit weight the issue did not reappear.

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Re: [OPEN] Toddler weight slider maxed out on aging

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Hi, I just wanted to mention that it's been over a year and I'm still having this issue in my game. I've tried repairing my game but it hasn't worked, and there's been no change with patches and updates for my game at least. Has anyone else had these issues resolved for them?

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Sims Kids are always overweight

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Cats and Dogs, Get Famous, Seasons
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? When two sims have a child the baby always turns out fat no matter what.
What happens when the bug occurs? Even when two really skinny sims have a baby, the kid always turns out to be max weight. I am not overfeeding them.
What do you expect to see? Two skinny sims should have a skinny child.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

No matter the weight of the parents, my sims kids always turn out max weight, even if the parents are at the lowest possible weight. 

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Re: Sims Kids are always overweight

@zoolagirl100 Were they ok as toddlers ?

There's this report for toddlers that sounds similar: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/NEEDS-INPUT-A-Toddler-weight-slider-maxed-out-on-aging/td-p/78...

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Re: Sims Kids are always overweight

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No, when my sims age up to toddlers the slider is maxed out. I am not sure why this is happening because the parents are skinny. 

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Re: Sims Kids are always overweight

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Have you noticed any patterns pertaining to the gender of the children? In the thread that Crin linked, girls seemed to be affected, while boys were not. Is it all of them, or just the girls? If it's just the girls, then I'm thinking that maybe this thread could be merged with the other thread.

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