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[OPEN] [SE] More than three active lifestyles

by Khalid-Immortal

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] More than three active lifestyles

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@To7m My sim had the Soulmate aspiration, romantic trait, yet got the Single and loving it Lifestyle! Hence I switched off Lifestyles and never used them again. Started a new game and never will use them.
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Re: [OPEN] [SE] More than three active lifestyles

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@Khalid-Immortal I have this too and I got rid of it. I used cheats to remove the extra lifestyle, but it was still present in the Lifestyles panel. So I saved and reloaded the lot and POOF! It’s now gone from the Lifestyles panel. It was the People Person lifestyle too. This Sim does have eight friends, but he still shouldn’t have more than three lifestyles.
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