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[OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

by lizabethlocke

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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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I'm going to disable the temperature effects too I think. Maybe if and when it ever gets fixed but despite it being a cool idea its buggy and poorly implemented, definitely not worth a TPK in the sims.
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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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This may be a temporary fix, but a friend of mine did find a mod that restricts non-active Sims from dying of Cold/Hot; there's two flavors of it at this resource; one where it completely removes the possibility of death, and another where it reduces the chance to 90%.

Note: As this is a mod, I recommend you back up your save files before you install it.


Link: <removed mod link as links are not allowed on AHQ. Google LittleMsSam>

You want the folder within the .zip file provided that is called "Weather NPC Deaths." Only install one of the script mods for the setting you want. (90%, or 100%)

- B

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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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This is happening to my Sims right now!

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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So this just happened to me too, my sim started freezing to death on a hot spring day, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. But I went into the seasons section of settings and disabled "Temperature Effects on Sims" and clicked "Apply Changes". When my sim was no longer freezing, I re-enabled it and clicked "Apply Changes" again, and even after putting him in his hot weather outfit he was fine. 


Hopefully this helps!

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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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This just happened to me too! Very frustrating. She even has the immune to cold trait!

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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I just had this problem yesterday but weird thing is it only started happening when I put the one seasons household Maxis made (not The Climates) into the game and it's only happening to them. It's summer and there's a heatwave so I changed them into summer clothing then they got the freezing moodlet... luckily when I switch their clothes back they don't have it anymore but it's still weird.

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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Most of my household is periodically almost burning to death in winter.  One has already died, and I had to use the Freeze Ray to keep four others from dying.  (Unfortunately, they did not take kindly to being frozen lol.)  Has there been a fix for this or even an idea of why it's happening?

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