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[OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

by lizabethlocke

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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Hey there @SimGuruIcarus,


- I do use custom content, however I have tested this same situation both with and without custom content using base resources. It seems to mostly happen after extended gameplay, and there seems to be no difference between non-played households/townies, or played households/townies.


- I have Repaired the game about twice since I initially reported this issue; I had to repair it due to issues with the Police Career (That still hasn't been fixed, however it's being tracked in another report: (Lag Delay Freeze in Detective Career Police Station) Unfortunately, both issues remain at large.

- It doesn't occur "initially" in a new save, however after ongoing gameplay, the issue of freezing to death in Summer, or burning to death in Winter, seems to reoccur. The only sort of trend I can see in these situations is where a sim affected in this way showed up during a walk-by at one point during a period of extreme weather, then passed by later. With how often it seems to be happening, and with the same Sims, I'm wondering if it has to do with a Sim's body temperature "carrying over" from one appearance to another.

- It seems to be occurring in my main save about...65% of the time; it really depends on the current in-game temperature if it actually stabilizes the Sim's body temperature. (For example; if it's hot out, but the lot is a nightclub or something where you can place a thermostat, you can indirectly adjust temperature for the sims affected. You can't really do anything about this though on lots where all sims are exposed to the elements, such as Selvadorado, or Granite Falls.)


Hopefully this helps give some information; if you need more, please let me know.


- B

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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I have this issue too. In Winter I get the notification that they are burning to death, and in Summer they are freezing to death. I do use mods, no cc, but I have checked it without mods and the issue still stands. The only thing that helps is to remove the buff with UI Cheats Extensions mod, but it keeps coming back anyway so I keep removing it. It's not really an ideal solution. 


I don't know how to share my file. Nothing works. I tried getting it with "browse" through the saves folder, and I also tried uploading it to google drive, but nothing works.

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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Hey there Skyfri_Himmel;

To access your save file, you can do the following:

1: Go to "Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > saves
2: Look for the .save and .ver0 files in the folder, they should have your most recent modified date. (These are your current save files.)
3: If you want to upload it to Google Drive, access your Google profile, then select "Drive" from the Google drop-down; you can then drag/drop your .save and .ver0 files from your folder onto the Google Drive folder. (You will need to share the files so that they can be viewed; steps to do so can be found here:

Let me know if you need more help on doing that.

- B
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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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Game Version

Zero Mods Zero CC

Happened twice to same Sim with the Ice-proof reward trait.
Both times were same scenario. Sim had been indoors several Sim hours. Maxis Sim that joined my household with my playable ghost (death by freezing in another save).

He turned vampire, had baby by alien abduction and took potion to regain humanity. (Whole other weird scenario but yeah...)

They live in a Maxis home in Brindleton Bay with a fireplace for the occasional need to warm self.

No problems until he and teen daughter (alien alien / vampire hybrid ... yes that happened) took the drink to cure vampirism.

First run - both daughter and dad got the warning they were freezing to death. She was near the fireplace and was spared. He was also indoors but in the basement. He died and Grim came blah blah blah.

I did save but then went back to before they were cured. This time they were okay until just now. Both were cured and daughter is living a normal (Alien) teen life. Dad is once again freezing to death! I saved and quit and have the save files if needed.
Edit: Own all packs except My First Pst

Sim Freezing Indoors by Fireplace.

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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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After 11/14/18, the issue is still occurring; to make matters worse, I am now seeing it happen even on career lots; this wasn't happening before.

Hopefully this can be corrected soon; it's happening even to Sims I created, townies, and I'm curious if it's going to also happen to event Sims; I already saw Father Winter complaining about heat at one point.

- B
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Re: Freezing to Death in Summer

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Only temporary workaround I can see working is to disable temperature effects in the "Seasons" tab; that said, that does ruin a good portion of the traits and reason behind even using the Seasons effects...

That said, it also doesn't help non-active Sims that are already affected by the temperatures very much.

- B
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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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I almost lost all 4 of the kids in my sims family - 1 teen, 1 child, & twin toddlers.  They were playing in the sprinkler during a summer heatwave, when the freezing to death moodlet(?) thing popped up.  I had to have the older ones shower & put the toddlers in the tub to get them to start warming up, just changing into dry clothes didn't help at all.  

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer


Hi @burin077 @tmmartin77


saves are still needed for this and if you have some after patch, that would be great.



Happy Gaming


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Re: [OPEN] [S] Freezing to Death in Summer

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