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Re: Chilled/Overheating moodlets when indoors.

by gardenlobster

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Re: Chilled/Overheating moodlets when indoors.

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@Psychotps Keep in mind that the moodlet is correct for that because sim was just outside a while back and is cold the chilled moodlet is in the secondary mode and only can cause problems when its in the primary mode.
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Re: Chilled/Overheating moodlets when indoors.

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I had a sim freeze to death inside a spa (the one that comes pre-built with Spa Day) during cold weather the other night. I was playing with mods & CC turned off since the patch. It was Malcom Landgraab working as a massage therapist. I'd set the spa in Newcrest and it was Mystery Weather Day so it's possible it was only cold and not freezing by the time the camera focused on him freezing.

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Re: Chilled/Overheating moodlets when indoors.

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@Sid1701d9 Unfortunately not. A lot of the time it happens after spending several days in the house with the heating on for days. I tend to do a lot of jobs that never leaves the house.
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Re: [OPEN] [S] Chilled/Overheating moodlets in certain rooms when indoors

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I noticed my sim was chilled while in the basement.  I thought that bug was back but she stayed chilled when I sent her up to the living room.  I also noticed that in Sulani, a sim was swimming with blue skin from being chilled.  It was hot and it was outdoors without a thermostat anywhere.  So, they got chilled somewhere else and stayed that way.  The only way I could get the chilled moodlet to go away was to cheat it away.  


I haven't played in a few months so I don't know if this is a recent problem or not.  It wasn't there last time I played.

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