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[OPEN] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

by Nuke615

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

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there's a mod conflict detector out there if you google....but I find that the mods that cause problems, most of the time, have scripts associated with them...i.e. cow plant mods or grass replacement mods  I have kept many files (décor items) the detector locates as conflicting, but found deleting old mods with scripts solved my problems

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

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This happens to me too, and I don't use any mods/custom content. I've noticed that it seems to happen more often when there are toddlers in the household, but it's happened in every save I have, new and old. Currently everyone in the household is t-posing above my adult Sims bed and "sleeping" with a bunch of z's over their heads while also simultaneously building skills (not sure which ones yet, I'll know when they level up, I guess).

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

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Happening to me. The dog was sleeping on the couch but he was actually standing expressionless. It’s started when I had my sims sing a song and they just stood emotionless (no t-pose) and so I reset those two, then my WHOLE HOUSEHOLD was t-posing, teleporting, and they refused to do most actions. I want my game back to normal because this is the first and only world I’ve actually committed to in which I didn’t use cheats to increase aspiration, career, skill, or other things.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

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saving and restarting helps...and going into build mode and back out will sometimes nudge a motionless sim.  Reset object works for me also (now)...and that's where you might see teleportation

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Re: [OPEN] Reset Object Cheat makes Sim get stuck in T-Pose

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I'm also having this issue. A Sim is stuck on a certain interaction, I reset, they are still broken. Reset once again, stuck in T-Pose. I was forced to restart the game for everything to work again. Not a pleasant experience.
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Re: Debug Bugged

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I started getting this today. My sim doesn't need to be stuck for it to start. The first time she had Get Stung in her queue and I didn't want to deal with it so I reset her and she held her pose for a while. Then later on she wanted to route downstairs to drink the water she'd grabbed autonomously and I reset her and it did it again. Then she asked her mom for advice and the mom still had the "be asked advice" in her active actions list even though the teen was routing off to do homework. I reset the caregiver and the teen still held her pose for a couple seconds.


I made a video messing around with it in a few scenarios. It's easiest for me to trigger it when she's routing to do something, and stuff she might do autonomously (dancing, getting a glass of water, etc) will hold longer than other things. It also seems like the game thinks she's still doing stuff while she's stuck--you can see she's already en route to go dancing after she unsticks at one point, and at the end she ends up in her room on another level even though there was nothing up there for what she was supposed to be doing. She'll reset normally sometimes like once she's already in the process of doing something (you can see that when she washes her hands, even if for some reason she walks through the stove to get there). The other sims in her household reset normally most of the time but I have gotten one other to stick doing the same things.


No mods or anything. The teen is a wizard, but her wizard sisters aren't nearly as sticky as she is.

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