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[OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

by Sparkiekong

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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

EA Sims Team



Just letting you know that team has been aware of this issue and is investigating it.  I've heard it's not a simple solution and will take some time.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

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@SimQARoboThank you so much for giving us an update. It means the world, you have no idea. There is a mod that seems to work as a temporary solution. It's mentioned above in the comments if you search for it, it does indeed work and maybe something to pass along until you guys can figure it out.


Again thank you for seeing this and letting me and everyone else know that you're working on it.



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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

★ Guide
@SimQARobo THANK YOU!!!! Btw the Spellcaster eyes are VERY PRETTY! (now that I can actually seem em in CAS on sims.) 😉😛😃
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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

[ Edited ]
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Ah! Thank you so much for your response! It's good to know that at least they've not been forgotten about. Standard smile

I am so looking forward to trying out spellcasters. I've loved the aliens/vamps/mermaids, I'm not as into witchy stuff but will probably end up enjoying them too...

If only I used mods! This would have been perfect. Standard smile




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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Spellcaster eyes not working properly

Game Changer

Just created a new Spellcaster yesterday 10 December 2019 and sadly must add a "me too" as the ROM eyes are not working.

Glenda Sparks Spellcaster 121019

Gallery Link:
Game Version Patch 25Nov2019

- EQ Avid Sims Player
I do not work for EA
All packs installed and patches are current.
PC / Win 10
Never used CC or mods.

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