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[OPEN] [ROM] Collectibles don't respawn at Realm of Magic

by belaIV

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Re: problem with collectibles

@belaIV OK. Will make this thread about the magic realm

If anyone else has issues elsewhere, please create a new thread.

Could you maybe remove the frogs from your original post ?

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Re: problem with collectibles

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<looks confused> I spent a couple days parked in magical realm and some things respawned after I harvested a bunch of motes. Not sure if was due to the uninstall/reinstall or because I gathered the motes. Still did not get any frogs there, but the rocks etc finally came back, so I will assume one must actually live in the magical realm for days to actually harvest anything there. Not too fussed about it at this point, I just will not bother with trying to get any harvestables there, since they do not regenerate unless you camp there. Not worth the bother since there are no houses.

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Re: problem with collectibles


I haven't had a problem with the respawning of plants, rocks and the frog logs in the Realm except for one thing.  The frog pump has not generated a new frog since the first one was gathered.  For others, if I keep a sim or two in the Realm for awhile, they all will eventually respawn at least once while I am there but not the pump.    

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Re: [OPEN] [ROM] Collectibles don't respawn at Realm of Magic

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I too have found that no collectibles respawn in the Magic Realm, no matter how many days my Sims spend there. "Harvest" is not even a greyed-out option.

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