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Re: Power bug sims 4

by adduapina

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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I got the 'Due to squirrels we are going to turn off your power some time in the next 48 hours. Are you prepared?' message. Power did not come back on  - all bills paid and all eco lifestyle stuff turned off from beginning of save and all NAPS disabled. Power would randomly come back on for a while if traveled or went out of lot and back in, but then would go out again.

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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I'm having the same issue. My sim receives her bills like normal every Monday, but if I don't have her pay them the same day and wait until the next day, I get the notification that I have 24 hours to pay my pills and the notification that my power has been shut off due to not paying my bills at the same time. Then my power gets shut off. Disappointed

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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In my case I am not getting the bills at all or they come right before the power is shut off on Wednesday instead of getting bill on Monday.

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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So I'm having the same issue, I will have my bill come do way before they should...and the squirrels are plotting aginst my this point I'm convinst its so O^O...I won't recive any notice that they are going to turn off the power due to the squirrel ..I'll leave my lot for the day and come back to find the power turned off...with the notice on that the Landgrab company is sorry but not and thats the only way I know its turned off from the squirrels O^O...the only way to get it to come back on is to restart my computer because when I just come back to my home lot to find it off my sim doesn't get any moodlet at all...yeahhhhhhh


I should also mention that the one time I actualy was home when I got the phone call and recived the moodlet I decided to have my sim go to another lot...which was apparently a mistake. While the moodlet ran out and dissapeared upon returning home the power did not come back on and the message of the Landgrab comany being sorry but not was yeah this new event means you can't leave your home at all...hehehee yeahhhhh no I'll just restart my computer whenever it pops its stupid head up until they fix this stupid thing....


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Re: Power bug sims 4

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Just realized this is happening in my game. The notification "You have 24 hours to pay your bills before the power gets shut off" comes after 1 sim day and the power gets shut off immediately at the same time and the notification for shutting off the power from Lamdgraab Company pops up. :/

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Re: Power bug sims 4

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@crinrict It was fixed during the patch. For me, at least.
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Re: Power bug sims 4

@ElfinSim Sadly some of the reports here are newer than the patch Frown

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Re: Power bug sims 4

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@ElfinSim & @crinrict I didn't even have a problem before the last update! Oo' now I can't even leave my home lot without coming back to this stupid issue...and I've repaired my game at least twice, and have no mods at all so yeahhhhhhhhhh I can safly say for some of us the patch made it worse so so much worse >M<

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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Still having this problem. Had it happen to me for the first time last night, though last night was the first time I've played a non-green lot with no power generation since I got the pack. Power got turned off by the Landgraabs because of squirrels. My Sim did initially have a tense moodlet for 24 hours but nothing happened once it ran out. Power never kicked back on. Exiting out of the game fixed the problem temporarily (the power didn't kick back on, the game just behaved like it had never been shut off, so no notification saying it had been turned back on) but if I travel away from the lot and return, the power is out again without a notification.

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Power shut off despite paid bills/ shut off to early

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So, here I am: same problem. 

Someone called my sim to notice him the squirrels had eaten the power wires and he's without power.
I get off the game and the power comes back. I change the lot end the power goes off.
I'm too p***ed because it happened to my college student two days before he got his degree.
He lives in a mini house. I've been playing for 3 days to make him graduate in engineering without cheats and here I am: he couldn't either use his PC at home.
The only thing I could try is changing lot. Not sure it will work.

I have no mods nor scripts on.

Playing on PC, Italian version.

I've got all packs, expansions and stuff packs but Star Wars.

It never happened to me before the last patch and I've been playing for more than 3k hours. 

EDIT: If you change lot and move to a new one, the problem is fixed. Not sure what's happening if you move a new family into the "squirrells' power curse" lot.

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