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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Parents refuse to care for toddler

by lenalikeslollies

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Re: toddlers buggin'

@vivienhjames Merging your post then so all reports on this issue are in one place.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Parents refuse to care for toddler

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I'm still having this issue now. I've only noticed it since the June update. It started when I tried to get my sim to potty train the toddler but when the toddler sat down it continued to learn and use the potty with the adult sim not doing anything and the queue saying they had no actions. The adult sim could also do whatever while the toddler was being potty trained. When I realised the adult wasn't doing anything I tried to click on the toddler and go to toddler care to choose 'Potty Train' like you can normally do but there was no option. Another issue was with the high chair which was the sims would do the animation of pulling food out and placing it but the food would remain stuck to their hand and not on the high chair. I then reset them and the food teleports to the floor and the sims still don't do the correct thing. I also tried putting the toddler in the high chair and then giving her food but that didn't work either and did the same thing.

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