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[OPEN] [PSP] Paranormal Investigator: Appartement is missing door

by yaz12345

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Re: Paranormal Investigator gig - bug at Torendi Tower?

@DiamondGrrl Moving this over to the door bug report.

The other issue is most likely the same but I haven't had confirmation from OP.

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Re: [OPEN] [PSP] Paranormal Investigator: Appartement is missing door

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I also have this issue, but it started occurring for me before buying the paranormal pack. It rendered visiting some apartments impossible while playing, but occasionally my sim would enter an apartment autonomously after starting a conversation with the inhabitants, and even interact with items within the apartment while everything was still invisible. The sim in question would also become invisible upon entering the apartment. I believe that this glitch is independent of the paranormal pack though.

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