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[OPEN] NPCs won't extinguish fires

by unseenlarks

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Re: [OPEN] NPCs won't extinguish fires

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I just had a fire and I called the fire department. The firefighter NPCs showed up and did nothing about the fire they just sat down in the kitchen and let the stove continue to burn. I had to put it out myself and lost a counter as well due to the slow response.


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Re: [OPEN] NPCs won't extinguish fires

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I think this is the only thing that still drives me crazy and makes me want to uninstall the whole game lol. I understand everything but why this has to happen when you visit someone's lot since all interactions are already set to be locked and if the household on the lot doesn't do anything half the house burns down. This has happened a lot but I rage quitted today because I had literally just redecorated the whole room! And now it's all burned down.




Just why?


P.S. The Fire Department never showed up but I also tend to delete when too many NPCs start taking up my townie count. Making them Hidden NPCs or something would do my mind a great peace--unless they already are. Idk what happened then.


P.P.S I only wish that there was a limit to how long a fire can last. My sims will actually die in the time it takes for a fire to go out. I guess they just have to YOLO into the fire. EIther way they're dead.

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Re: [OPEN] NPCs won't extinguish fires

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Saying something here to bump this up, because it's still happening. I was watching a Sims Youtuber (James Turner) today and it happened twice for him. It was his video from yesterday ("I tried to play The Sims with every lot challenge enabled) and he just had to wait for the fire to burn itself out. His Sim acted like he couldn't get to it, and the firefighters just stood there and didn't do anything.

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