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[OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

by bigbrainplays

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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My sims are constantly teleporting about all over the place since the most recent patch. I don't have any mods or cc, and never have.


If you queue up a few actions, they'll quite often start one, get 75% through it, teleport over to where the next one in queue is, then back to the one they hadn't finished.


For example, I had my teen sim queued up doing a Jog to Clear Mind, and then going to use the toilet afterwards. She got about 3/4 of the way through her jogging route, teleported to the bathroom, teleported back, finished jogging, then teleported to the bathroom again, teleported back, changed into her everyday outfit, then walked to the toilet and used it normally.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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Video demonstrating the issue:

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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It has happened a few times in my game but only started some time around the Seasons pack/patches. The first time, I told my Sim to grab a plate of food which was on the kitchen counter. Instead, he headed the other way to a chair by the TV. Before sitting though, he disappeared in a *blink* and was at the kitchen counter picking up a plate of food. Then again he disappeared and in a *blink* was back at the chair with his plate where he sat down and ate.


After seeing it happen a few times, it appears the game isn't doing all the actions in sequence, so it 'stutters' to go back and pick up the action it missed so the final action can be completed.


I also saw it happen in the Guru Garage Livestream for Clubs just after the 55-minute mark. The 4 girls were at the Spice Festival shooting baskets at the basketball court and were then instructed to do the Curry Challenge together. Although all of them headed to pick up a plate at the table, Cady did a U-turn before picking up a plate. You could see the other girls carrying their plates to a picnic table but Cady didn't have one. When she got to the table where she was going to sit, she disappeared in a *blink* and you could see her in the background getting her plate of food. In a *blink* she was back at the picnic table with her plate to finish the action.


Since the Guru's can recreate this, here's hoping they can figure out what's happening in the game that causes this and find a way to fix it.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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Did they acknowledge when it happened in the game while they played?
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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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@MsPigglyPooh, The Dev's were simply playing the game like we do, and it happened. I pointed it out so they could see and know what some of us experience in our games. They were laughing and talking while playing, so did they even notice it? I don't know, and that's why I reported it.


Livestreams are not done for the purpose of acknowledging bugs, so no, they didn't.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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I understand. I was just hoping even in the livestream they would take notes on what bugs they see during gameplay. But you're right.
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Teleporting sims

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Sims still teleport after update. 

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Re: Teleporting sims




merged your post with bug report on the issue.


I still see it too.

Happy Gaming


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Re: Teleporting sims

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I do too. It just started in my game after the 20 november update..... It freaking sucks

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Re: Teleporting sims

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i still see it, as well.
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