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[OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

by bigbrainplays

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Re: Sim rubberbanding, teleporting

@lepetitemais These jumpy animations are a rather old issue. Surprised you haven't seen them before.

I merged your post with existing thread on it

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Re: Sim rubberbanding, teleporting

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@crinrict Thanks! No, I haven't experienced this... Possibly ever? Definitely not in a year. I was looking for an active thread but couldn't find it, so thank you again Standard smile
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Re: Sim rubberbanding, teleporting

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As of the newest patch on console "ver 1.20"


They are still jumping around and teleporting. They also seem to be going back to where my Sim was when I clicked the action rather than where we are when the Sims are together.

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Re: Sim rubberbanding, teleporting

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My Sims have also been doing this. They'll be heading to do whatever action and suddenly teleport to a different area then reappear and continue on their merry way.

Nothing game-breaking but definitely weird and annoying.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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I thought this was due to the save file I've been playing the last year or so is very big (like 300-400 played sims), but now I saw it in a save file that I just created. And my computer is quite a good one.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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This had happened to me too! Yesterday as a matter of fact! My sim May wanted to give Rosie a bath. She and Rosie were headed to the bathroom when Rosie suddenly vanished. She had to call the dog back upstairs to complete the task! 


Also, since it happened at the same time as this glitch/bug, I tried to get a close up of May giving Rosie a bath. When I hit tab to zoom in more, she and/or Rosie would "disappear" as if I was going through a sim or object to get to the subject I wanted to capture. I haven't tried to repair any of the game just yet, but will possibly do that when I get home today from work. 

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Graphics freeze and jump

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Product: The Sims 4
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Discover University, Backyard Stuff, Seasons, Cats and Dogs, Spa Day, Laundry Day Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Toddler Stuff, Parenthood, Get to Work, Strangerville, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff, Dine Out, Get Famous, Outdoor Retreat, Vampires, City Living, Island Living, Fitness Stuff, Moschino Stuff, Tiny Living Stuff Pack
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? This is a random bug
What happens when the bug occurs? A sim's movement will freeze, and then flash ahead. After flashing to a new location, the sim will flash back to their previous location
What do you expect to see? Sim movement not flash or jump all over the screen
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? On console - never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? No

The sim in this video is walking across a floor toward the kitchen.  At one point, her movement freezes, and then she suddenly flashes ahead.  After flashing to a new location, she suddenly flashes back to her previous location and continues walking.  It appears a sim's movement freezes, and then the main software attempts to correct the freeze, by placing the sim in an updated (predicted) location.  Once the sim is at the new location, the software attempts to correct the freezing a second time.  This type of bug has happened multiple times, in different locations (both at a home lot, and in a remote location).  It also affects multiple player sims.  Player sims no longer walk across a surface, but instead jump around the screen.  There is nothing I can do to prevent this from happening, or predict when (and with which sim or location) this will happen.


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Re: Graphics freeze and jump

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to be honest, i have this too and i remind now as i read this topic. i have this already for a long time and dont know when it started because i got so used to it that i dont see it anymore

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