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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

by SherwoodSpirit

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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Giving this a "Me Too." I've had this since day 1 of playing the game and have always just shrugged it off as a glitch. When it happens to me, it's usually when I assign a task. They begin walking toward the task, then teleport back to where they were a minute ago, and then teleport back to the task (such as picking up a plate), and then carry on as usual. Never thought much of it, but if it's something that has the possibility of getting fixed, that would be awesome. 


I've also repaired/re-installed/cleared cache files many times since this issue originally surfaced, so all of that's taken care of and the issue persists. 

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Re: 06/19 Patch - Sims Teleporting around instead of routing normally (Walking)

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@crinrict wrote:
Have you tried right-clicking on the game and hitting repair game as well ?

It was fixed for a while and now it's doing it again.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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This still happens for me as well, however, it's not a consistent bug for me to figure out what's going on. (guessing lag spike/sim lag - [shrug]) :/
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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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I have the same until today. I do not know what to do.
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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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I am having the same issue after finishing the tutorial. I think some folks may have had issues with the tutorial? Anyway I thought I was stuck in tutorial but after a while.. it let me complete what I was doing. But now there is the teleporting issue.
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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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I've never noticed this happen until lately and ironically, after I removed all my mods, to do some no-cc builds for the gallery (I pull my mods completely so I don't inadvertantly leave a lot trait or something that cause it to be marked with CC when I upload it.) After I pull or replace my mods, I delete my localthumbcache.package. I also repaired my game after the last two patches.
I first noticed it happening while I was playtesting a retail store build I'm about to upload. It gets really crowded, and my sim often teleports from one side of the room to another, instead of trying to walk through crowds. I figured it was just a pathing issue, but then realized later that it was also happening in his home when he was alone, or when he was out on a date or at a festival. I also placed my shop in a whole new save file, with a different sim running it to see how it placed, and to tweak the things that shifted or disappeared... and she's teleporting around too. Usually only a few steps worth of space, and sometimes back and forth from where they started to where they're going and back again. I've seen townie sims doing it in parks as well.
I play on an iMac with Ultra graphics settings, I have all expansions and game packs except Vampires and Strangerville, and all stuff packs except Toddlers and Kids stuff.

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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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Having the same problem on PS4 console..
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Re: [OPEN] Jumpy Animations/Sims teleport

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This still happens until now, I don't know how to take a video in the Sims 4. But if I can video this issue, I'll post it here.

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Re: 06/19 Patch - Sims Teleporting around instead of routing normally (Walking)

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@crinrict Where do you right click on the the actual game? on the load screen? game selection screen?
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Re: 06/19 Patch - Sims Teleporting around instead of routing normally (Walking)

@dabrownsugar11 On Origin. Close the game, then right click on the game in your Origin library

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