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[OPEN] [GTW] Doctor Career: No pregnant sim spawning

by vhicks10

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [GTW] Doctor Career: No pregnant sim spawning

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@crinrictMy doctor sim gets all events like emergency, house call, or outbreak BUT Deliver a baby.. He is at level 8 and he has to do it for promotion task, but all events he got for a week was outbreak, emergency and house call. It was repeated for a whole week and never get the deliver a baby event. And now my P sim gets the same sign. But it's only for a chance in doctor career, so I just leveled him up to 9 via cheat. And then, next day, he got emergency event again at level 9, and he was able to teat all 5 sims for the promotion task in one day. After he promoted to a chief of...something level 10, then I switched to other household again. So now I actually don't care there would be the delivery event after that or not.

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