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[OPEN] [GTW] Aliens features change when aged up

by musa56044

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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Hello, Cmehnt here again with some new info regarding this topic. Standard smile


With the June 2nd 2016 patch, alien faces do not distort when you test them in CAS. However, they still remain unchanged in aging in game, so their faces will change when you age up an alien sim via birthday cake, and most likely with time as well. (I wasn't able to test my aliens who are ready to age normally without a cake yet.) Hopefully this means it's close to fixing soon. 

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

That's good news. Thanks for checking ng

Happy Gaming


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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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I have also experienced this problem in my game. Crafting your own perfect alien, only to have their features change when you age them up, is really frustrating. Frown

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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Sad to see this is still not fixed. This affects all my alien children born via abduction, though interestingly not my created aliens. My gorgeous little children grow up to be pointy chinned, wide eyed and tiny nosed; they grow up looking NOTHING like themselves. This occurs both from modifying in CAS and aging via birthday cake. This needs fixing >< I have a town full of alien kids that I can't age up due to this hideous bug; I shouldn't have to keep manually editing my sims faces.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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I'll have to check if my CAS aliens are having the same problem as yours, but I have a related problem. When in CAS, when aging my male aliens, their eyebrow or eye color will change without me actually changing them.  It's really annoying.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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A year later, it's still an issue.
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Alien face bug 2017

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I have come across an annoying bug regarding the aliens, and I have had this problem since I first bought the expansion pack that came with them.  Whenever I try to change their appearance in CAS they look alright, but when I change their age to either younger or older, their nose, and practically everything that I changed becomes more "alien-ish"  and really weird. And the difference between before and after is really easy to spot since the age span that I changed to my liking continues to look like it should. 


However, when I try to play that sim in the age span that I made it in originally, it looks alright until it ages up. Then it becomes just like in CAS with a weird nose and face, and it is really frustrating and sad since I love to play as an alien in the previous games. I have had alot of contact with the EA support in my country, and after trying everything unsuccessfully - including re-installing both The Sims 4 and Origin, as well as changing specific files in the game folder and removing caches, nor am I using mods - I got in contact with them once again, and I was told that there wasn't an actual "fix" to the bug. Instead they said that I should report it on this forum, so here I am.


I have also read on different forums that this is an ongoing issue for many players. I just hope that EA manages  to acknowledge and solve solve this problem soon, becuase I love to play the Sims 4, but I did not want to buy an incomplete game. I just want to be able to play with my aliens. 


Ps. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, to be honest I became a little lost in all the different posts. 

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Re: Alien face bug 2017

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It's time for this to be fixed, please. Especially now that we have toddlers. <3


I want a bunch of cute alien kids, but it's frustrating when their birthday present from EA is a new, generic face.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

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Posted on this in the Bugs category on the forums. "Related, but having to do with disguised Aliens. When my disguised Half Aliens age from YA to Adult they take on the facial feature of Elders in their disguised form. I.E. Nasolabial fold and frown lines. I could probably go into full edit mode and fix this, but... annoying."


Turns out it can't be fixed even in full edit. This is my Alien sim in disguise that recently aged from YA to Adult. He now has the Elderly facial features. His Alien face also has the Elderly features, but slightly less pronounced.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Alien Face changing on age-up

EA Live QV Team


Hi @DizzyDee-K


Can upload your save game ?

If so, please zip up this folder: documents\electronicarts\thesims4\saves and drop the file to this Mediafire-Link to upload.


Please make sure to name the zip file with your user name.

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