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Re: [OPEN] [GT] DJ booths at dance parties are unusable

by DinowCookie

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Re: "Electronics don't work when it rains" but it's not raining

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Guess, the weather is not being nice to me, I been going to the ancient ruins and it is cloudy and or sunny but no rain. It appears the DJ Booth and bar only appear for dance parties, so maybe go to the ancient ruins when its Sunny when its not there and than go back home and spawn the dance party. See if it spawns without being broken on a day that it is not raining.



EDIT: Guys Eureka, I found the source of the bug.  DJ Booth works until it rains on the Ancient lot, than it changes to can't use electronics in the rain, and than it despawns when its raining and when it respawns the DJ booth still thinks its raining, when its Sunny.  I was able to duplicate that by starting the rain with the weather machine until you get the thing that says use greyed out, with a tooltip that says can't use in the rain, now put the DJ booth in your household inventory and use the weather machine to make it Sunny, now take the DJ booth out of your household inventory and you got the bug that is happening in the bluffs and ancient ruins, also its not just confined to the DJ booth the cloning machine freaks out too. 


Edit: workaround at the bluffs or the ancient ruins on a sunny day, buy the weather machine place it on lot make it rain and than make it cloudy or sunny again and the DJ booth will work, now delete the weather machine.  Also I am pretty sure the weather cheats will have the same effect, for though that want to cheat.


Edit Merged: I choose not to edit it because I had to test it on the home lot to get the bug because it was easier than going to the ancient ruins and see if I could get a rainy day and a sunny or cloudy day, but I am fairly confident the DJ booth would start working again on its own when it goes through a rain to cloudy or sunny cycle when its spawned, but that is like asking hail fall on the street and not the house. When the cycle that caused it to break rain to sunny or cloudy weather happened again everything was fine, the DJ Booth worked again on my home lot. So it is related to a spawning issue at the ancient ruins and bluffs.


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Re: "Electronics don't work when it rains" but it's not raining

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I did remove my mods and cc but the issue remained, I posted here only after I ran out of ideas, whenever I encounter an issue the "repair game-remove mods" are the first things I do!

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Re: [OPEN] [GT] DJ booths at dance parties are unusable

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Still having the exact same issue. Each DJ booth remains with a greyed out 'use' on any party after it has been in rain once. 

Perhaps it's an issue that only remains behind in save files that have been around since the problem first occurred. Suspecting that it has since been patched but only for new save files. 🤔 


Any more input? It would be great to see this issue fixed still. Hate having to place a second DJ booth elsewhere on the lot; looks bad and doesn't make use of the fancy smokey dance floor. 😥

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