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[OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

by Scribbit

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Re: [TO TEST] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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It seems to happen to sims that are not celebrities to. My sim has a pristine reputation but is out of the spotlight. She owns a restaurant and everytime a patron steals something, she gets ton of phonecalls saying she likes to steal things. My sim isn't a kleptomaniac and I don't use mods (I tested this before reinstalling my cc hair and clothing and still got the problem). I'd say maybe it's a problem related to the reputation system instead of the fame system.
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Re: [TO TEST] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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I had a similar issue, but I gated off my trash can to stop the stans from rummaging through my trash. When I've read others experiencing the same issue, I heard the bug was connected to the "Stan" quirk. I keep saving and recovering old saves to refresh before the issue occured, and on the same character the bug seems to be triggered every time I go to a charity event that I'm invited to, and never once were they at a house of residence. The consistencies of going to the charity events are that I would order a group drink and donate to the host at least one or two times. I'm not sure if any of that may be connected, but there you have it.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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I have this too, with a 1 star celebrity and a good reputation. I discovered that her brother-in-law is a kleptomaniac and tried to swipe something during flower day celebrations. She also has a ton of paintings on the lot that were done by her dead father. If that's the reason, I guess I'll live with it, since I don't want to get rid of the family portraits. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed soon.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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I just got this as well.


My 5-star celebrity actor has had a stan forever, their live-in fiance was working on the aspiration that gives the trait that freezes celebrity levels and hosted a meet-and-greet at Orchid a Go-Go where they got their fifth star and three quirks (they had gone to the meet-and-greet without any).  Two of those quirks are identical to my already 5-star celebrity, Stan and "Fan" mail.  After the M/G they went to go put the celebrity tile down since they were already there; they didn't get home until after 3am and I didn't save until after 6am.


What I'm thinking might have happened, at least for me, is that the M/G happened during a "Night on the Town" event and I saved just after the "New Years" event started.  Either that or 2 stan quirks made things wonky.  Also, neither has worn a celebrity disguise.


I'm planning on restarting an earlier save and holding off on the M/G until a non-holiday (especially since hosting an event like a M/G or a dinner party while a calendar event is going means you can't see hosted event's fulfillment lists) and am betting that takes care of my issue.  If it doesn't, I'll give an update.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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This is happening to me too? I keep having to cheat her reputation back up to where it was because she'll get texts and calls all day. I havent found anything in her inventory that isn't hers, it started after i had got a stan, but i removed that quirk but its stil happening. kind of annoying :-/

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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My sim lives in an apartment and owns a restaurant. She quit the spotlight.. Checked my inventory and household inventory... nothing.. Frown

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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This has just now started for me. My sim has had the stan quirk for a while but the text messages started after I invited 2 of my co-workers out to eat. They work in the acting career. My sim as well as the other 2 sims are all famous. The other two sims don't have the kleptomaniac trait, so my sim could not be guilty by association lol. However, while they were out to eat I got a notification that was addressed to my co-worker. It was a message from another sim saying "let's catch up". I thought that was weird cause the other sim is not in my active household. So I'm not sure why my household got a notification addressed to another sim. After I got that notification, that's when the weird text messages accusing my sim of stealing began. My sim has works hard for her pristine reputation and this happens lol. I have to keep cheating to raise it back up. I also removed the stan quirk and I still get these messages. Bummer.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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This has been happening in my game as well. My Sim is famous, five star celeb with a pristine reputation. Neither he nor his girlfriend, who live together, have the kleptomaniac quirk between them. The character in question was a 'rags to riches' character, and made his money first by busking with a violin, then once he had enough to open a shop, paintings and things he'd collected from around the neighborhood (flowers, catnips, fossils, and microscope pictures).


Recently, I've found that on the day he opens his shop, and for a few days afterwards, he'll get messages from friends and acquaintances saying that he's been stealing things and they don't want him coming to their house anymore, even if it's someone whose house he has never visited! He does not have the 'Stan' quirk at all, instead having 'Fan Mail' and 'No Touching'. I thought that, perhaps, him taking down the 'sold' signs in the shop were what did it, so I didn't take away any signs this most recent time while the shop was open, and I didn't take them away in Live mode, but instead went into build mode to delete them. Unfortunately, this changed nothing.


This has been happening for a few weeks now, but I opted not to leave a comment here because he regains his reputation so fast just from being kind that it didn't really bother me-- until today, when his best friend told him to stay out of her house because he had been stealing things. Seeing that broke my heart, and I had to say something in this thread about it in hopes that my experience may help narrow down what exactly is happening.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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Now that you mention your sim owns a shop I wonder if my sim owning 2 restaurants has anything to do this glitch. I really hate this cause my sim doesn't even do any mean or even any mischievous actions to deserve this lol.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity sim falsely accused of stealing

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Well, this just happened to my celebrity sim. Unlike most people here, my sim doesn't have any quirks yet (she's only a Rising star).  She's just been running a restaurant (something I'd not done yet), and was taking out the trash at the restaurant. Now all of a sudden one of her friends texts her to tell her that she's heard about my sim stealing and doesn't want her in her home.  


Furthermore, I've been playing a legacy family, all of whom are famous, in another sims 4 file.  While that game itself is bugged (no ones moving into any of the houses)...this one's never occurred, and I've now lived through two generations of that family, working on 3.  


I'm not using any mods or CC.  


Edit:  I've moved the save out of the original game to see if that would be a good work around...and yet again, another friend told her he didnt want my sim in her home.  This time was at geekcon, so it wasn't her doing something at the restaurant....hmm.  I'll try cleaning the game next.

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