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[OPEN] [GF] Celebrity reacts in disgust with everyone

by Tessaskrua

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Re: Get Famous turned my Sim into a *

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@CrypticKam  Yeah, I've felt that way for a while now. I look at Little Ms Sam's mods and often think "If only these could be optional under a game play menu." Or that time when the bath shower combinations didn't work she had a mod out within a day that did not break any other features of the game. She's always careful about testing a mod on ALL expansions/game packs/stuff packs before she uploads it for use. So she does something apparently not even EA is doing and doing it for free unless you are willing to donate to her which is possible. I think she has another job she's happy with so while she's an amazing modder, I don't think she'd want to change jobs. Plus EA tries to address broken features in bulk. So even if she did work for them, she might have found a fix within a day, but whether she liked it or not she'd be onto the next problem without it being given out to the public in a day. In a way, we need modders like her out there to unbreak our games for us and give us more options on things some of us, but not all of us, would like to see changed.


For instance, hiring her would mean she couldn't mod anymore. Those mods that "fix" pet peeves of mine like stray pets sick in Brindleton Bay which is something EA wants, but neither she nor I want, would go away. I wouldn't have the ability to just go download that change. Or the one that stops a SIM who just made a group meal from immediately grabbing a plate giving you the chance to call the whole family to the meal, EA clearly doesn't want that or it'd be in the game by now. Plus, from what I read, she mods as a side hobby to improve things in her game she doesn't like and is nice enough to share them with us. She does have an actual job she likes that doesn't including programming or coding. So those of us who play the PC version would be losing a valuable ally and EVERYONE would still not be getting their fixes done any faster than EA wants to roll them out/thinks are important enough to fix.


As much as I hate saying this, switching from console to PC might make your life a happier one because modders are the faster way to get something fixed that we'll never see happen no matter how talented the staff at EA is. The staff have bosses that tell them what projects should be worked on first and which to do. They choose when to make the updates, generally rolling them in the biggest, widest spreading net of bug fixes they can manage in any given time frame as opposed to a modder who gets to choose what bothers them the most and simply uploads their mod on their own time. Which is generally within a few days of discovering a problem they really hate, but is still only ONE fix out of many. Leaving us looking to multiple modders to get the entirety of the game fixed faster.


Now if EA changed their policies to roll out the updates one day at a time, covering only what their team could do in that day, I think we'd see a wider range of problems fixed at the speed we simmers would like to see them. The problem is any given update could break the custom content of their PC based clients which would leave them trying to fix any outdated custom content just as constantly as the updates. So things get complicated there too. A problem as a console player you wouldn't be worrying about the same way quite a few PC players would. EA is kinda stuck on that one which is probably why they try to harass their players with as few updates as possible while trying to fix as many of the majorly complained about bugs as they can which can push their update date back further and further while everyone kinda flails about in frustration feeling unheard.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity reacts in disgust with everyone

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Hi. This is still a problem in my game.


PS4 -


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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity reacts in disgust with everyone

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I am having this issue now. IT started when I got to 4-star fame. Any new person who comes around me I get that

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Global superstars reacts in disgust with everyone

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I originally posted about this here in December last year. I stopped playing since the pandemic lockdown started in March and just focused on work for the time being. I recently bought the new Eco Lifestyle expansion and reinstalled a fresh copy of the game with latest update:


I just started playing on a new sim but still patterned to my old one except that I am using Eco Lifestyle stuff and all the newer stuff I got that I haven't played with yet. I am not on the path of a celebrity just yet but I will report back if this still happens. Though I found out from here in April that there's a mod that blocks this behavior, I'd rather it be a real fix from EA so I am playing without any mods.


I hope they fixed it 'coz it's really annoying.

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Global superstars reacts in disgust with everyone

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Same here. My sim just leveled up to 4 star celebrity and it started happening. It's very annoying. I hope it gets fixed soon. From searching this topic I see it's been an issue for 2 years now😱

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Global superstars reacts in disgust with everyone

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i have this aswell with my 5-Star Sim. its really nerving, and she is disgusted of her own friends and boyfriend... time to be fixed

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Global superstars reacts in disgust with everyone

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So, the last time I played the Sims 4 was with Discover University in December 2019 and gave up because of this bug. I recently picked up Eco Lifestyle and patched to the latest. Obviously, my reason was to see if they finally fixed the "React in Disgust" bug but I had other problems right off the bat. After two days of troubleshooting, I was finally able to make Eco Lifestyle behave itself and got myself a Global Celebrity patterned from the sim I played back in December 2019.


Guess what? IT'S STILL THERE!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And you guys know what else? I remember explicitly that the bug starts appearing when you're a Proper Celebrity (4-stars). Now, it shows up even as a B-Lister (3-stars)!!! Amazing work there, EA... not only did I get innumerable crashes to desktop because of Eco Lifestyle (and a bunch of new bugs that weren't there before), the React in Disgust bug got even worse!


I am going to play with the "noreactindisgust" mod just to see if Eco Lifestyle will hold up and maybe I'll start playing regularly again. If not, I will give up on the Sims for good. This is just so much fun, EA!

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Re: [OPEN] [GF] Celebrity reacts in disgust with everyone

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This happens to me as well, to the point I nearly tried to get a refund for the pack - it breaks the character of the Sim at higher levels. At celebrity level 3, it happens a bit but is generally reasonable. The problems start at celebrity level 4, it feels like the game nearly robs control of your sim as they wallow in their repugnant self-absorption. In a recent new save after getting level 4 fame, the character probably reacted in disgust to almost every new sim who came in to the bar. This is compounded by how notoriously difficult it is to de-queue this action after spotting it. It refuses to clear it then forces the action through practically every time.


I feel like this level of disgust with the unwashed masses should be a trait or quirk that can be chosen, as I would hazard a guess that not everyone wants any sim who becomes famous to become an absolutely terrible person who even scoffs at the sight of their boyfriend/girlfriend. Does a sim really need to marry someone before they stop viewing them as dirt beneath their heel for not being equally famous? Then again, that's just personal opinion/input and not really a bug report. The bug does compound the loss of control though, both control over gameplay and control over who the sim seems to become as a person.


Also, as the OP mentioned, this can easily happen with the same person on the same lot, so long as they've left the immediate area and come back later, such as using the restroom or going to another floor. Apparently object permanence is a trifle that the truly famous cannot be bothered with.

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Re: Global Superstar reacts in disgust with family/spouse/friends

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I am having a similar issue. I play on PS4 so no mods or CC. I have a celebrity couple (both are Global Superstars). They both CONSTANTLY “react in disgust”. It’s nonstop and incredibly annoying. They do it to everyone - including each other and their own two children. It significantly impacts playing them because it literally queues up in between every action and seriously slows down gameplay, It takes forever to accomplish anything with them because its practically ALL THEY DO. It’s maddening. I spend so much time watching their queues and canceling it that it’s not even that fun to play them at this point. They used to do it occasionally, but now it’s constant!! The last time I played this household was back in early March and it wasn’t doing it this much then. I recently started playing them again and now it’s an issue when trying to play them. :-( 

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Re: Global Superstar reacts in disgust with family/spouse/friends

@KEW0701 Merged your post with current bug report.

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