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[OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

by LeslieMusimenta

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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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It's happening to me with writing as well. I've tried everything. I've repaired my game, reset my sims 4 folder, removed mods, cleared cache etc, but nope, that last task just won't get checked off as complete. I'm going to try locking my sim inside their house so they can't leave and see if that helps. 
ETA: So, if any member of my sims household goes off the lot the tasks stop being checked. I turned my writer nocturnal while my other sims are asleep. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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Re: Assignment tasks won't complete

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I'm having this problem with the Freelance Photographer Career. My Sim isn't able to complete any "Gigs" because steps in the assignments aren't registering as having been completed. I don't have a problem getting photos back in the mail and submitting them to Simstagram. However, without the "Client Approval" registering, the "Gig" can't be completed. Also, not the "4hours ago." Four in game hours had not passed. 



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Re: Assignment tasks won't complete

@DizzyDee-K I moved your other post over to the freelancer thread as well. The one you posted in was for work from home career.

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Re: Assignment tasks won't complete

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@crinrict Thank you
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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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I post to fashion simstagram and it won’t say that it’s posted. I’ve done it multiple times and it still won’t say that it’s been done. No mods nothing, I’m just frustrated because the first gig it was a little rocky (tried to post at the library then decided to go to the sims apartment and it worked then) is it because I’m in an apartment??

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Re: unable to complete task: Submit photo to client for approval

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@Eskimom1 Mine registered it as approved, went to post it, then it unchecked that it was appraised and it wouldn’t let me resubmit a picture for approval
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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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I'm having the same problem in the Freelance Programmer branch. Some gigs, especially the ones that require multiple actions in one task (for example encrypt 5 data files) aren't registering as complete when my sim completes them successfully. Only the first one works when successfully done, after that nothing works. I tried travelling between worlds but it would still not work. 0 mods in my game.


This is starting to become infuriating and it's sad because freelancer is one of the few careers I actually enjoy playing in this game. 

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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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@Sigzy05 Yes!!!! It's soo frustrating. I have given up sadly. Sticking to my gardening and floral arrangements...
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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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My Freelance writer got her baby when see was editing the doctor work so she stopped to work on it. Later although I could continue to work on this task it never got it flagged as finished. (She started and ended the writing work as normal just the task never got changed from 0 to 1 no mater how many times I tried)

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Re: [OPEN] Freelancer: Tasks not getting checked

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I'm also having this issue, I can talk with the client but everything else doesn't work. Looks like I'll just have to join the writer career after all!

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