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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

by LadyKyn

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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I'm sorry for replying so late, I forgot to check the topic. The restaurant is in Willow Creek and the waitress does have the active trait. The waitress before her didn't have the active trait though and still went for random jogs. I noticed they do that when idle, like when there are no customers to tend to or no dirty dishes to clean up. However, if I send my owner after her when she's heading out for a jog and distract her with praising she does return to work right after.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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My waiter jogs when idle too, but inevitably, as soon as he leaves there's tons of work for him and orders he's previously taken stack up. But even when he returns, he still goes jogging again without delivering all the food! I hired another waiter without the active trait so the restaurant can actually make money while I'm paying this fool to jog all day LOL. I haven't played with the new guy yet and will report on his activities as soon as I can.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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I've done some more testing. I placed Hogan's burger place (as it comes with the pack) in Willow Creek. I hired 3 random townies. The waitress doesn't have the active trait.


Day 1: no one would sit on the bar chairs. They still ordered food and everything but it just took forever.

Day 2: normal tables and chairs instead of the bar ones. Everyone's more or less sitting now. Ordering food, eating goes way faster.

Day 3: waitress hasn't gone for a single jog ever since she was hired (she has the insane trait and instead of jogging she does the talk to oneself interaction when idle). Some guests still go for a jog though, one of them is Mortimer Goth who doesn't have the active trait.

Day 4: a critic showed up and actually ordered food and was served. This never happened in my other save where they would come and sit down but never ordered food and sat there forever or till I closed the restaurant.


I have to add this pack is driving me insane. I invested so much time in the other save. My vampire girl is a perfect cook, can mix drinks, she earned enough money through jobs to buy the custom built restaurant herself (without the use of any cheats). I built her a restaurant, a store and a Victorian home, all of those took many many hours. And in the end everything is broken. She can't run the restaurant properly, the retail store is hit and miss too. And in this latest test save I just picked some random Sim, hired random townies and everything is working more or less fine. Except I don't care at all about that save file! Disappointed

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this, but so far the other waiter I hired without the active trait never goes jogging.
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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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I can confirm this is still happening. I will play for 12 hour shifts in a restaurant and no less than 3-4 different patrons will get up from their seats or leave the host station to go jogging. I haven't noticed it with my staff yet though.
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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Restaurant employee/guests go jogging

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See guests do this pretty often and randomly at that and most of them don't even have the active trait. They'll just go jogging and then come back whenever it's time for their meal.
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