[OPEN] [DHD] Empty Gig List

by summergirl345

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Re: Gigs are broken

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Please click Me Too on this bug report:



I know the bug report section is hard to navigate, so I found it by in an ordinary web browser type: no gigs sims 4 bug ahq

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Re: Gigs are broken

@millah45 I merged your post with the bug report.

There seem to be two causes for this:

1. Long played saves that don't have any of the original families anymore.
2. Mods.

Since you are using mods, have you tested without them ?

There's a few suggestions in this thread you can try.

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Re: [OPEN] [DHD] Empty Gig List

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@summergirl345 I had no issues until the base game update for July. Everything was working good. But now I have nothing for gigs...
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Interior design job disappeared!

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Hi all,

Sorry if this needs to be moved - I can not find what I am looking for on other threads. 


I am plating on Xbox 1, no mods no CC in a basic house from the base game, I have all packs and kits bar the dust one. I have just had he massive recent update and now my whole interior design career has literally disappeared! It shows up that Callie is level 8 in her career but when I search for gigs it does not do anything at all, this being via the work icon. I then took her to the computer to go and look and the option for it as a job is not even there at all. All other careers are present just not that one. To add to this I completed a job for the Spencer-Kim family completely fine and was even promoted just before this glitch even happened. 


Any ideas on how to solve this? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Interior design job disappeared!

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I've posted this in bugs now but I can not delete it from here, I have tried. Apologies.
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Re: Interior design job disappeared!

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@TheSkittlehook Same for me - I was only able to find gigs using the phone
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Re: Interior design job disappeared!

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Yes pretty much affecting all the freelance gigs you have to use the phone in order to get a gig.

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Re: [OPEN] [DHD] Empty Gig List

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@summergirl345 I haven't found a way to pull the gigs up on the clipboard or why its doing it but I have found away around it! go to your phone go to job and select "find a gig" then it will still bring up your gigs available!
- PinkquartZAura
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Ive seen a few others have this issue. Im playing sims on my xbox one series s console and on the interior design update pack, i am unable to select gigs for the interior job. When i click on the clip board to search for gigs, nothing will show up. I do not play with cheats or anything. Anyone know whats up with this ? Is this a bug orr ?

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Re: Help

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It has happened on PS4 as well. I had it happen to me as well, but on PS4. It has been issue since Dream Home Decorator came out.

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