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[OPEN] [DHD] [CL] [ECO] Add room gig not working in apartments

by CdKvS

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Dream Home Decorator [Impossible to build a room]

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The Sims 4 - Dream Home Decorator [Impossible to build a room]

Well, the mission: Add a gym to a home!
Well², the problem: The house is actually an apartment! And in an apartment, I can't destroy walls, much less destroy a room!

Result: Mission failed with decorator! 

Really EA Games? 
How is it possible, you released a package and didn't 100% test the package? How does the game generate a mission to build a room in an apartment when it's not possible to add a room to an apartment, tell me, how do I do it now?

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Re: Dream Home Decorator [Impossible to build a room]

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Was the restriction no additional floor tiles? Take one existing room and add Gym equipment there.

Before taking photos I always change to build mode to see the restrictions to better understand what I can do. Notice level additions currently can not be done without cheating there is a bug report on that.

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Re: Dream Home Decorator [Impossible to build a room]

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@ThiSims3 I merged your post with the report of add room gigs for apartments

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Re: [DHD] [CL] [ECO] Add room gig not working in apartments

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I thought I might share my experience about adding a room to houses. (Screenshot attached).

Additionally I also added a room to the Stargazer Lounge, but got faced with an another problem. 


The tips aren't mind blowing, but even the smallest things can make a difference. 

I don't use any cheats.


The first time I had to add a room (a nursery) was for Vladislaus Straud. After trying to add the room for some minutes, I got suuuper frustrated, but I've learned these things:


- you absolutely connot overwrite ANYTHING. The mansion has a lot of of those advanced edge things on the 2nd floor (idk the english word...balcony, but not balcony^^').

Of course you can't delete them, but also can't add anything onto them, only next to them. It's the same case with everything else of course.


- if the new room has more than the required tiles, you automatically get an error. They don't let you build a 30 tiles room and then give you the possibility to delete the tiles which are too much. Start with like 4 tiles and then start adding tiles until you have the required amount.


Explanation of the screenshot:

I finally found a spot on the second floor (the green square)...but guess what? I couldn't add a door, because the already existing wall is covered in objects, which obviously aren't movable.

After trying some more, I found that really awkward space next to the main bedroom (orange square). Sadly, that was the best spot available and the door is hidden in the darkest corner in the house. I recommend to visit the house to fully understand, why I placed it where I placed it. Maybe it helps you to understand the mechanism a little bit more.


Sometimes it's all about patience and ignoring any sense for aesthetic.


About the Stargaze Lounge: the task was to add a bathroom.

The only spot that was available was above the already existing bathrooms. You're able to delete the roof on top of them, which suprised me. I got super excited that I finally found a place, but soon realized thay I couldn't add any stairs or extend the elevator. 



Hopefully they fix all these problems soon, because I really like this extension pack.


And hopefully my experience helps you at least a little bit. It took me like 10 minutes to fully understand the room adding thing.


(English is my second language. I hope it's understandable enough.Embarrassed)

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