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[OPEN] Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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Product: The Sims 4
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All available
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Have a free sample of earbuds given to your sim, or buy earbuds for your sim from the computer.
What happens when the bug occurs? You can not sell the earbuds from the inventory or drag them out of the inventory. The only interaction is to have the sim place the earbuds into the world so you can sell them, or have the sim die with them in the inventory and sell them from the household inventory.
What do you expect to see? Being able to sell the earbuds from the inventory and being able to drag them to another sims inventory or into the world without issue.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? On console - never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

You can't sell the earbuds from the inventory, you can't drag them. Usually when you try to sell or drag the earbuds, then you can no longer select anything else in the inventory to drag unless you close out the inventory and open it again. 


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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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@PoptartJuniper I believe that - for whatever reason - they didn't build it into the game that you could sell them from the inventory. Personally, I think you should be able to sell them.

If you have Seasons, you can also gift it away to an NPC sim and cheat yourself the money. I don't count that as "cheating" since A) it's not like they use them autonomously, so it's like they disappeared and B) it's practically like you sold them.
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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

@PoptartJuniper Currently trying get some info. I think someone reported this before and it's not a bug, but I'm not sure.

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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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@PoptartJuniper Same here. Wish they'd get a fix for this, especially because there are different types of earbuds. Caleb Vatore has a white pair but my custom Sim didn't come with any, so I got her a gold/teal pair, and she picked them up just fine.

There's a black and red pair I want Caleb to use but it won't let me move them or remove them from his inventory, nor can I sell them or place them in the world. It won't let me pick up the new (red/black) earbuds because "Caleb already has a pair!"

Wish EA would stop huffing their own farts over the fact that they have the rights to the Star Wars IP and start actually fixing this game. Nobody wants knitting or my first pet crap, we want Create-A-Style back, we want a color wheel for custom eye and hair color, we want different fingernail styles (painted/manicured), we want eyelashes -- basically the entire makeup section needs an overhaul. There need to be more piercing options and you should be able to layer accessories. Putting a cuff on your bicep shouldn't prevent you from putting a bracelet on your wrist on the same arm. This game is so broken but they don't care. They stripped everything good out of the Sims, then spoon-fed the features from Sims 3 back to us bit-by-bit, while making us pay for it all over again and STILL leaving stuff like Create A Style, fingernails, and custom eye/hair color out. We had to wait forever for POOLS and FIREMEN, stuff that shipped with the Sims 1, Sims 2, and Sims 3 base game. It's pathetic, and it's sad, because if they combined the customization options, open world setting, and massive item catalogue of Sims 3 with the beauty and improved AI of Sims 4, they'd have a masterpiece.

But that would take work. They'd rather just take the money. Idiots like us keep giving it to them. Once Sims 4 is finally a full game with enough expansions and game/stuff packs to make it not feel empty, they'll have moved on to Sims 5 so we can do it alllllll over again, starting with another empty-AF base game and 'expansions' containing features that should already be there.
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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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@BeautyBot Agreed with everything but that part :
"...and improved AI of Sims 4..."
The AI is terrible and glitchy, sims are unable to even wait someone else finish getting stuff from a fridge without cancelling all their scheduled actions after a rant.
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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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just tried this. if i click on the earbuds in a Sim's inventory, then on 'place in world', it works. but dragging them directly (i.e. to a table, the floor, etc.) doesn't work for me either.

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Re: Can't Sell or Drag Earbuds from Sim Inventory

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Earbuds have always been like that (ie couldn't be sold from a sim's personal inventory), I just thought it was by design.  With the new multi select option you can now sell earbuds from a sim's personal inventory (see screenshot).  Before that I would do as mentioned above, have a sim place it in the world and then sell it from build mode. 



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