[OPEN] [CD] Full-Body uniform doesn't stick on owned Vet clinics

by Aether_President

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Re: Sim doesnt wear uniform

@o0Vanessa0 Don't think so. If you want them to use a vet uniform, you'll need to pick one that has top/button. Fullbody seems the issue.

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Re: Sim doesnt wear uniform

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I hope they noticed it :/

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Re: Sim doesnt wear uniform

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I'll try top/bottom for my game temporarily. Thanks Standard smile 

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Re: [CD] Full-Body uniform doesn't stick on owned Vet clinics

@Aether_President I'm having this same issue.

One thing I noticed is that the vet coat full-body uniform constantly has a yellow border on it in my game, as though it's a new item. The yellow border doesn't go away after clicking or exiting/re-entering CAS.

Not sure if anyone else has this part of the problem as well, but just thought it might be worth mentioning in case it's related.

My employees seemed to keep the shoes I set, but wore all sorts of random clothes instead of the vet coat.

For now I've just set the top and bottoms vet uniform but I do miss my vet coat lol

This became a problem after the Werewolves update.
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Apparently there is an ongoing unresolved issue with Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. - This issue been mentioned probably since 2018.

The issue is: After claiming a perk in the vet clinic, specifically the vet coat (full outfit vet coat). The sims are unable to wear the uniform during their shift.

After correctly setting the uniform as the work attire for the vet clinic (both employees and my personal sim) will change to random clothing to perform work actions.

I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible. If you don’t mind, you can also research on google the same issue others been experiencing for years and still nothing to this date.

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@Ella033 there's a link here to the bug report if this is the same issue that's affecting your game, if you want to click Me Too on the first post and add your bug report if you'd like to as well:


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