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[OPEN] [CD] Editing vet outfits in CAS resets game progress

by Gracietbh

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Re: Vet Outfits Resetting Clinic

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Bought this expansion on release but never tried the vet clinic until today. It was an enjoyable experience and I realized I had missed out on alot of fun all this time. Then I encounter this issue and lose all I had done in many hours of gaming. Baffled, I went to google to find out what could have caused it.


Ahhh... It works as long as I dont edit work clothes. Thats ok, but I hope it gets fixed soon though, since Im really into the vet clinic right now.


Oh wait, it's one of those issues. An on-release bug (or sometimes oversight, like geek con in seasons expansion) that will never get fixed. Pathetic... I might not bother buying expansions anymore. 

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Re: Vet Outfits Resetting Clinic

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Yeah I'm really bummed that after two years this bug still isn't fixed. Not being able to alter the uniforms is going to be really irritating. That and I lost progress when I discovered this bug for myself. RIP.

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Re: Vet Outfits Resetting Clinic

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@MorningLily i noticed this bug also today, i do have some mods but it seems like it's a sims 4 issue and not connected to the mods since i see ppl who have no mods get the same issue.
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