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[OPEN] [CD] Can't bill pet owner

by 521449741W158

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Re: Can't Bill Patient

@CossinTansin I've passed it on.

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Re: Can't Bill Patient

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2 years and this still isnt fixed???

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Re: Can't Bill Patient

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I don't know if it helps, but I started having this problem after I changed my vet pricing from the standard percentage.
I was playing in an altered version of the pre-made clinic, and my sims lived there 24/7. They also had several pets that lived there with them. (big dog, small dogs, and some cats)
I was also having the problem where treating your own dog (big dogs only I think?) put the animal into a repeating loop of vomiting and fainting.
Unfortunately, I can't share the save, as I deleted it after it became unplayable because of all the glitches. But I hope any of this info helps.
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