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[OPEN] Ambrosia Not Working At All

by HarryPotter4444

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Re: [OPEN] Ambrosia Not Working At All

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The ghost Sim this issue happened with was sitting, but I didn't know that sitting was an issue. It was the very first time I ever gave Ambrosia to a Sim.

In first attempt sitting, the issue happened, I went back to the last save to right when it was made. In second attempt sitting, she successfully came back alive.

This happened in the April 2018 patch, she died from old age and she wasn't an occult.
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Re: [OPEN] Ambrosia Not Working At All

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I have the same problem, and my sims also keeps getting the message that they are about to die from overheating, when they are already dead. I am thinking of removing Seasons and play without it because that´s why they die. They are not vampires, one was an alien, and they both died from overheating, in the winter.

Tried ambrosia three times, nothing. Will try a fourth time.

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Re: [OPEN] Ambrosia Not Working At All

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I have a teen Sim who died of overheating. I tried the Ambrosia 3 times and it has not worked. The resurrection animation takes place but she does not return back to life. I also made sure she was standing when eating the ambrosia. She is not an alien or vampire.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Ambrosia Not Working At All

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I had my young adult Sim die of overheating, tried ambrosia once while sitting, revival animation started but nothing happened. Tried a 2nd time, removing all chairs from the lot,sim ate ambrosia, revival animation started then nothing.


Edit: I verified my files and restarted the game then used the console commands to remove the ghost trait from overheating so now my sim is alive.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Ambrosia Not Working At All

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Not sure if this is related. Sounds like the resurrection bit is not working as it should. But...


I have not had anyone die for a while, but I've noticed that recently the game has not been recognizing death flowers in my Sims inventory for making Ambrosia, scenting a flower arrangement or the Reaper's Friend potion. I had to start over with a new Death Flower plant. 

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