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No legendary drops


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Re: No legendary drops

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same here.

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Re: No legendary drops

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I get lemon drops on occasion but I know people that get 3 a day. Same javelins, same missions and stronghold, same luck, same amount of time played ... there is def something insidious about the loot system
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Re: No legendary drops

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I've played almost daily, and in the last 2 months, I've received 1 legendary item. Before that, I was finding about 1 a week.

Difficulty, luck, and javelin build make no difference, I've tried them all. 

Once my javelins were masterwork and I had 3 to 4 legendary items on them, the game stopped giving them to me. 

Also, Since the May 29th update, I'm not seeing any items dropping that have luck stats on them. 

I've started a new pilot to see if that game will be able to pick some up some legendaries to test my theory. We'll see.



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Re: No legendary drops

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I have 500+ hours invested in this game.


I've had 139 legendarys drop in total (I've kept them all even though many of them are duplicates of some crap I will never use)


I have no legendary "Last Resort" which would complete my Ranger.

I have no Legendary (or even MW!) "Best Defence" which I'd really like for my Collossus.

It took me 400+ hours to complete my Interceptor when that elusive legendary "Serpent's Vail" finally dropped.


Happy with all inscriptions on the legendarys i use? ... no, but I'm not gonna spend another 500h on maybe getting something thats slightly better


My growing concern now though ... what will I have to do when the Vault gets full of legendary crap? Salvage them for MW-embers? I mean come on!

There clearly needs to be legendary embers and legendary crafting in this game ... sure, make those blueprints use rediculous amounts of embers but after 500 hours played, lets say 100 salvaged (crappy) legendarys I should be able to atleast max out all my Javelins in gear that I have chosen.



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