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No legendary drops


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Re: No legendary drops

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I've done the luck and supply does nothing for me.100+ hrs and only 2 legendary. Hopefully tomorrows patch might bring better "Luck and Supply" The positive is that the new inscriptions drop as well.

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Re: No legendary drops

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Pretty sure it's just bad RNG.  There might be a bug if you get it too high, but I only just now got my 4th legendary and currently have all 4 my javelins at 480+ and literally dumped a bunch of masterworks because I was getting near full.  

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Re: No legendary drops

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Same issue with me. +180hrs played with a 648 Colossus and zero legendarys.  It's impossible to progress at this point without Legendary drops.


Some of us have a loot table BUG and for the love of all that's holy will someone at BioWare please look into this.



For what it's worth my Challenges are also buged.  Not sure if the two are linked.

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Re: No legendary drops

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5hrs after adding myself to this post I got my first legendary off a world event chest in GM1 freeplay. If someone at BioWare fixed me.....THANK YOU!
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Re: No legendary drops

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Heres what I've found out 190% luck plus being the highest which is 744 Storm around 70 % supply and drop rate only started working for me when I was with other javs that were as high as I was. couldn't tell what there luck was or drop rate but in a free play run in half an hour I got 11 masterworks only kept 1 2 ledges one I already had that had worse stats the other was for Ranger I think your squad has alot to do with luck
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Re: No legendary drops

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I have gotten 3-4 legendary drops in the past 3 weeks.  They were the same damn thing.  I have tried everything.


RNG... Im sorry, that is a complete lie.  I have had better luck at a casino where you cannot get +190% luck bonus.


I cannot get any of my builds high enough even to play GM2 or GM3.


I guess I need to play a little more.... 


713 hrs in game!  1000 gamerscore. apparently thats still not enough.  Thats 29 days in game ppl.


*** 100% failure for item progression in the game. ***


The BEST game Ive had this week is 5 mw drops.  Every single one sucked.  The stats were those of rare items.

One time I did have +55 armor but the gun was a piece of crap.


Sorry I can’t help you guys out, my situation is just as bad or worse.


I think on May 1st I’ll go pick up another game.  It won’t be from EA.







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Re: No legendary drops

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this last update ruined everithing even more, LOVE the game,but, going to wait until you get your act together


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Re: No legendary drops

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X1X 31May2019


Came back and played Anthem for a bit...


Still same problems, no legendary, game quits in session, vault items still at 250.

Enemies gain full health once defeated.

Stats are inconsistent.


The only thing that has improved are the items in the store and they are ridiculously overpriced in coin and shard.

I’m thoroughly bored doing the same thing over and over with no progression whatsoever.



You would think that it would be possible to build ONE decent lancer after playing over 40 days in game and completing this challenge, but no, either they refuse to fix it or cant.


Probably wont be back to Anthem no matter what they allegedly say they are adding or fixing.


Simply put, Anthem is not worth the time and hassle, neither is this reporting system.


Goodbye EA

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Re: No legendary drops

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Not saying youre not experiencing this but I have been getting a good bit of legendaries. I always run with at least 80% of luck gear equipped (which sadly i heard was going away soon) I play about 2-4 hours every other night and about 5-7 hours each on sat and sun. I find most of my good drops come from heart of rage runs on gm2 and mostly 3 and other strongholds, on some occasions i can get 2 legendaries on gm3 misson runs. I've also noticed that If I am playing the same javelin for an extended period of time, when i play another javelin that new javelin seems to get a few legendaries right off the bat. Hope my experiences help!

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Re: No legendary drops

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reading back through this thread I'm also seeing people mention gm1 and expecting legendaries. Dont, the rng for them to drop in gm1 is next to nothing. in gm1 you should hope for epics and and rare occasion a masterwork, from there you can build to be able to get to gm2 which legendaries are more frequent and then work to gm3. ive only got two slots left on my storm and collossus that are not a legendary and one of them is the support gear which does not have legendaries yet that im aware of, the other is because i cant find an emergency power component thats legendary and i really like that component.

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