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Re: No Walkie Talkies (Countdown Bar Freezed)

by 0o-solaluna-o0

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Re: No Walkie Talkies (Countdown Bar Freezed)

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@0o-solaluna-o0 Thanks but I'm a lil resistant towards that. Like giving information here. Ik everyone's fine but idk😬😓. I will if I don't get their reply in one week.
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Re: No Walkie Talkies (Countdown Bar Freezed)

EA Live QV Team

@0o-solaluna-o0 Hi! Are your walkie talkies refreshing normally after the update?

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Re: No Walkie Talkies (Countdown Bar Freezed)

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@EA_Kipling  I'm glad to tell you that I just completed the Treasure Hunt and It's working fine this time! :D
The game gave me Walkie Talkies at the start and they were regenerating throughout the event.
So this time I'm not missing out any prizes and I'm able to go for the grand prizes and the quest rewards. Wink

Thank you so much for all your help and the effort your team put into it, really appreciated it!

At the moment I'm still really hoping there's a chance to get the prizes I missed from the last Treasure Hunt event,
But the advisor I last chatted to, said the technical department decided they are not able to do so >.<
even though my game was severely impeded by this bug, which they said it is an old bug yet cannot fix, affecting the game  throughout the whole event.

Other than that, everything in this treasure hunt is working peachy! (except for I also got the "future sight crystal ball not changing colour" bug)

P.S.: I apologize for the late replay, I was busy these weeks and I missed your replay.

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