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Re: New Update incompatiable

by Timoxi

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New Update incompatiable

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Iv spent over 100$ on this game I was a top 10 ranked player, I love this game and still want to play! BUT the Android market says the app is incompatible and is unable to update . I'm really bummed and hope you guys can get back to me and help me. I also have a smart phone so my phone capabilities are not limited. Thank you
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Re: New Update incompatiable

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just download a program on your PC called bluestacks it is a tablet emulator and you can download star wars GH and play on the pc, providing its a google play account you own and not an apple account
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Re: New Update incompatiable

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I just buyed Asus Zenpad S 8.0 and I have same problem....cant even download it to Zenpad..says its not supported. Please fix this fast Standard smile

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