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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

by rymann97

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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

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  • I have the save issue since friday 16 oct... i had the early acces. Stuck into diamond.... since
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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

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This is ridiculous I’ve been grinding my life away for hours on end trying to get my rival points up. Come to find out I haven’t been getting any I keep get stuck at the same amount of points every time I play rivals. Ea please fix your polished * of a game you call nhl 21. This game is a joke I’ve been playing this game for years and somehow you ended making the gameplay worse. After you’re done bathing in our money spent on packs maybe you could please fix your game for your customers that buy it every year. Like for real I’ve never seen so many error codes in my life and don’t get me started on how slow these menus are in between game modes. Hate to say it ea but I honestly think nhl 20 was better. 

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HUT Rival Bug

★ Novice

Product: NHL 21
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? You can find the bug by playing many HUT Rivals games
What happens when the bug occurs? I have had over 7 games where I haven’t received my HUT Rivals points after winning my games.
What do you expect to see? I personally would like the bug to be fixed. And I would like to be compensated for my HUT Rivals points because I would be Top Rank if this bug didn’t happen!
Was the issue in online or offline mode? Online
Insert Game Mode or Feature here HUT Rivals point system for game win or lose.
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) 1:30pm central time Tuesday, October 20th
What is your time zone? GMT (UTC)
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? Nebr3d_
PS4 Crash Reporting: Please copy the text you put in the crash report here.
EASHL issues? Please insert your Club Region.
What is your game language? English

This is just one of many times this has happened. Being someone who plays this game a lot at a competitive level every game counts and it is really frustrating.

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Re: HUT Rival Bug

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I had the exact same issue, got dropped to diamond and lost out on great rewards. I’d like to get my top use rewards - I played 7 games without receiving any points. 

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Rival reward points frozen

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I advanced to the ULTIMATE reward level in Hut Rival Rewards with 27,510 points but from then on I’m  not receiving any points after games ... it’s frozen on 27,510 points now and because of this I’ve been moved down to Diamond over time because I’m unable to accumulate any more points... 


the rewards are now live and I should be receiving the ULTIMATE rewards not the DIAMOND one. 

please help. 

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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

★★★ Newbie

I have this problem too.......such a shame...i liked to play but now i m really dissapointed... 

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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

Community Manager

Have you played 50 games? That is the cap. Once reached, you don't earn more points. 

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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

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What do you mean, theirs no point to play rivals then if their is a cap cause i just got * out this ultimate status

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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

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@dparsons31 Me too
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Re: NHL 21 Rivals point system bug

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@EA_Blueberry why isn't it for more? I'm missing a short distance from the top Frown
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