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Re: Sim Returns Home When Not Supposed To

by crysonna

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Re: Sims won't go to work.

EA Staff

Glad to hear it!


If someone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know!


Thanks for the help, and happy simming! :D

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Re: Sims won't go to work.

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If I save and exit while my sim is at work and/or the kids/teens are at school and then restart the game they are all back home but the icons are greyed out as though they were still away.

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Re: Sims won't go to work.

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I'm still having this issue, even with the latest update yesterday. Should I send you my save file?

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Re: Sims won't go to work.


Yes, save game would be helpful.

Happy Gaming


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Re: Sims won't go to work.

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I'm still encountering the issue as well. It's not all the time, though. I think I'm having this issue when the kids have to go to school during a thunder storm, but I'll need to test this out more. 

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Re: Sim Returns Home When Not Supposed To

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@crinrict I see it mostly on rainy days when they would rather stop in the middle of the road to open an umbrella than go to school or when the "run inside" interaction is trying to override the go to school one, and yes, have loads of mods, but that is where i can most often reproduce it, especially with multiple teens.
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