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[NEEDS SAVES] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

by SakiHarashi

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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I have a problem with the conference call not working in the salary career. No matter how many times I do it, the task remains “not started”. And how do you go to work on off hours? I can’t find the option anywhere. 

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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This is happening for me as well. I’ve removed the lifestyles from my game, reset the sim, repaired the game, and it’s still there. I also noticed, haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but if I have another sim look at that sim’s profile (the sim with the moodlet) it actually says that that sim still has the workaholic lifestyle along with another one that she ended up losing. Hopefully that makes sense Frown

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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my workholics go to work during off hours on their own when they are stressed.

They suddenly remember at 2 am that they really need to work because they didn't work enough....what a pain

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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My problem as well is that I used the potion to get rid of the workaholic lifestyle. The buff still pops up, which is really annoying because my sim is lv 10 in the writing career and only works 2 days a week. If I look at the menu in Simology, it shows 3 lifestyles active, none of which are workaholic. However, if you actually open the lifestyles with the button, it shows my sim has 4 active lifestyles, with one of them being workaholic. Then I click on the potion again to get rid of it and it's not on the list of lifestyles available to take off. So annoying.

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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I'm having the same issue. My sim got promoted to level 10 of the comedy career. By this point he was a workaholic. He kept getting tense and no matter what I did he was still tense. I sent him to lifestyle coaching and removed the lifestyle but he was still tense for not being at work. I tried the mood let solver potion but that didn't work. I sent him again but the workaholic lifestyle wasn't even an option this time. He has been to work since but is still tense. It's annoying as he's always too grumpy to do anything and gets snappy with his wife and daughter.


Update: I sent him to a lounge and there was a blizzard there. He was tense because of the blizzard but not from not working. I sent him home again straight away and he had a bubble bath. His stressed moodlet went away and he is now "fine". Not sure this is a permanent fix though. Despite having removed the lifestyle and it not showing in the first lifestyle panel in Simology, when I click lifetsyles underneath that, it shows as an active lifestyle. He has 3 days before he's due at work so I'll see what happens between now and then.

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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I had this same issue and simply going to Mt. Komorebi (I just went to the outside of a random rental house) magically made it go away, after getting the lifestyle removed through the Lifestyle Coaching. Not sure why it happened this way at all, but I'm just glad it went away and hope it gets fixed soon so it doesn't happen again.

Update: Worked a second time. I guess the front of the 5-1-1 Rental is magic.

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Why sim still feel tense?

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Hello Large smile


So my sims have the lifestyle of workaholics. I send him to work on outside office hour and this buff suddenly appear. I don't understand? Do I miss something here?

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Re: Why sim still feel tense?

@mohammadali118 I merged your post with the bug report on this

Please click me too on the first post.

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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Update from my last comment:


I played the family again and his tense moodlet returned. In the bigger lifestyle panel (after you click lifestyles) it said his lifestyle was at risk. I couldn't be bothered to wait so I disabled lifestyle in the gameplay settings. His tense moodlet was still there so I sent him back to the lounge which cleared it again. I'm hoping it won't return again since I've completely disabled lifestyles but we'll see.

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Re: [OPEN] [SE] Workaholic moodlet constantly stuck (Lifestyle active)

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I too am having this issue. My Sim is so tense that she can’t boost her charisma skill which is what is needed to get promoted. So I’m not sure how I’m supposed to get around this.

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