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[NEEDS SAVES] Random Sim in apartment/house / Guest not leaving (Patch 1.63.133)

by maysbat

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Re: Uninvited Sims Walking into Homes

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Will they ever even look at the saves tho? @crinrict It's been a month since I've sent mine and it's still unread, and I've tried to check in.

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Re: Uninvited Sims Walking into Homes

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@CallMeMistress69 Maybe it got missed, I really don't know. I can imagine them getting many PMs daily.


Who did you send it too ?

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Re: Uninvited Sims Walking into Homes

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@crinrict @SimGuruNick Is who I sent my save to, they were the one asking for it in this thread.

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Re: Uninvited Sims Walking into Homes

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Hey Crin. There are two saves in this folder. In save 2a, I play with the household called Melany; that's the one I've experience the problem. In the other save, I experienced it with the Piersons (Sulani) and Franklins. I was playing with the Franklin household without mods and still had the problem. 

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Random sims in my apartment or house (Patch 1.63.133)

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This is still happening. 


I have a household in Sulani, random NPCs (who live elsewhere - like Oasis Springs - and are active so these are not some random NPCs around the world with no houses on their own) will sometimes barge in my home and there's nothing I can do to prevent it other than lock all doors for non-household members but they will still use my stuff that's outside and such.

Even worse, vampires with bat or mist form can enter even with all my doors locked - then they end up trapping themselves because of the door settings (funny how they can come in but unable to leave unless I open a door for them to go..)

I don't like how they just make themselves at home like they owned my place. There's no option to ask them to leave or Send home. After a few in-game hours they leave on their own but it's still very annoying how strangers can come into your own house and you have to just deal with it. 

Funnily enough this bug only seems to happen in Sulani in about every 2 Sim weeks or maybe more.

Not sure what triggers it. At first I thought it's a bug related to traveling because that's how I had my first encounter - leaving the lot then upon returning, there were the strangers. It happened a few more times with traveling so I tried to see what happens if I stay at home but since it happened even while I was at home I guess it's something else. 


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Re: Random sims in my apartment

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@crinrict I don't have the "send home" option and I disallowed trespassing.

My issue is in City Living in an apartment with a celebrity. No paparazzi, no "fangirling" just people wandering into my apartment at all hours. In particular, when the vendors end their shifts, they show up at my apartment.
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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Random sims in my apartment or house (Patch 1.63.133)

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@ashleena123  oh no that makes me worry, I noticed it stopped when I stopped choosing power conservation day in Eco-Living, but it hasn't been 2 in-game weeks since the last occurrence. I'll have to try to see if it's about the same for me too. I really hope our saves help them because I keep scouring the patch notes hoping they fixed the problems I'm having but so far none of them have been brought up. Is it spaced out for most of you guys too or is it more of a daily occurrence?

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Re: Unwanted Sims

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I have the same issue I do have sims that are famous and I have the lot on private and i have the doors locked and they still come in and ive tried moving them out and back in and changing the lot type and none of it works I havent had this issue until this last month.

I play on PS4

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Re: Unwanted Sims

@PandoraBay I've merged your post into the bug report on this issue. Please click the "Me Too" button at the bottom of the first post on the first page of the thread. As you are on PS4 you can also share your save with the team.

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] Random sims in my apartment or house (Patch 1.63.133)

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I'm having this issue too. I own all packs and I have a micro home on an eco lot. Sims I actually know have the courtesy to knock when they come over. But randomly generated townies come in and help themselves to my fridge like I'm the new neighborhood bar. Kinda weird to have someone standing in your kitchen cooking food on your stove before you've even met them. Locked doors seem to mean nothing to them.

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