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[NEEDS SAVES] Player Trait Broken (after Patch 1.56.52)

by rhah01

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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

★ Apprentice

crinrict or ulfric is there a way to actually see reputation? I am making assumptions that's is the same based on actual or false notifications of friendship hits. but assuming can be very bad.

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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

@rhah01  It's part of Get Famous.

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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

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oh i have get famous, but i disabled the fame. I was thinking it was the reputation yall were talking of was like sims 3 when they call you a cheater and such.


I took all my testing and tried to make it as clear and tightly formed as possible.


Here is all my testing put into a nice and tight explanation.


Jealousy hits happening for kiss, passionate kiss, woohoo try for baby, woohoo, and first kiss
All other romantic actions are being ignored


1. size of household doesn't matter
2. it does matter if the sims lives in same household or different household.


Scenario 1:
3 sims living in same household with all with player trait
1st sim romantic with 2nd sim.


1. 1st sim romantic with 3rd sim causes jealousy hits when using any of the kiss, passionate kiss, woohoo try for baby, woohoo, and first kiss romantic actions.
can try with any and all have same results.


Scenario 2:
added a 4th sim (no player trait) to the 1st scenario.


1. 4th sim (no player trait) preforms any of kiss, passionate kiss, woohoo try for baby, woohoo, and first kiss on just 1 of the 1st scenario sims. I think this is broken since 1st romance. but maybe working correctly since the 1st scenario sims are all romantically involved with each other.
2. jealousy hits when 4th sim (no player trait) try to preform any romantic action on a 2nd player trait sim. even flirt. this is what i would think as correct behavior.
3. any of the 3 player trait sim perform romantic actions on 4th sim (no player trait) only those 5 romantic actions listed before triggered jealousy hits. broken behavior same as what i been seeing with all player trait sims interacting with each other.

Scenario 3:
3 sims, only 2 with player trait.
1st sim player trait, 2nd sim player trait as girlfriend.


1. 1st sim gets jealousy hits when using same 5 romantic actions on 3rd sim (game lists as sweetheart) with no player trait. 2nd sim (girlfriend) is now very angry with 1st player trait sim.
2. 1st sim gets the false jealousy hits when using same 5 romantic actions with 3rd sim (sweetheart) when performing those 5 romantic actions on 2nd sim (listed as girlfriend).


Scenario 4:
3 sims
2 live together active household
1st sim with player trait
2nd sim as girlfriend
3rd sim in a different household (player made or a default sim behaves the same) all 3 sims in same room.


1. 1st sim (player trait) and 3rd sim (different house hold). only same 5 romantic actions cause 2nd sim girlfriend jealousy hits.
2. 1st sim (player trait) and 2nd sim girlfriend, 3rd sim no reaction used all romantic actions. this is working correctly. it seems sims not apart of active household work proper.
3. made 3rd sim a girlfriend and test results are the same. girlfriend status does not change results.


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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

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★★ Guide

Here is the major problem I see with the player trait is they assume just because one has the player trait that no reaction will be taken by the other sims, but this is not always the case.  I tested it with one of my households the Wife and Husband both have the player trait,  Here is what the  player trait says in the description:

    Player: Players will never cause other sims to get jealous no matter what they do. 

This means Players can flirt with a guy/gal on the side in front of the wife and see won't react, but this does not protect the player from receiving a flirt from someone that is not a player, so the typical relationship sad angry moodlet precedes, and the wife goes and reacts to the other person.


Same thing with Sim A and Sim B are married and both have the player trait, if Sim A or B flirts with Sim E or D no reaction but if sim E or D flirts with Sim A or B reaction is triggered by Sim E or D or whoever caused the jealousy moodlet and relationship hit.


The sim with the player trait must be the source of the advances, if other sims from outside create a advancement of the player sim, the trait won't protect them.

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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

★ Apprentice

very true. my 1st household have played off and on several years has 3 spouse all with player trait. the player trait is broken right now.

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Re: [OPEN] Player Trait Broken

EA Sims Team

If anyone is still seeing this issue, could you possibly share a save file where you've seen it? Thanks for the help!

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