Re: Entire Action Queue Canceled After Mood Changes

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Re: Entire Action Queue Canceled After Mood Changes

@khitteh I moved your posts over to the other thread then as the moodlet one is very specific. It's been kept separate.

Please send your save to EA.

Good Luck


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Re: Entire Action Queue Canceled After Mood Changes

EA Sims Team

Marked as Solution for Visibility. This is still an open issue.


Hello All,


We have not been able to reproduce this issue on our end,

If any of you are still encountering this on the latest game version (without mods), would you be willing to share your save file(s)?


If so, please send me a private message with a link to the file.

Instructions here:



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Re: Entire Action Queue Canceled After Mood Changes

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I can't share saves as I'm on Xbox Series X, but I'd recommend testing it on small animal feeding on console. It's impossible. Every action drops at least 3 times from the queue. It's now the worst affected action for me. I've had problems with pet interactions already, with all pets but the mini goats take hours to care for because the actions won't stay in the queue.

For example just the first action of cleaning the mini goat, the action drops immediately no matter what the goat is doing. My Sim just stands there. I get her to stand closer to her and try again and it drops from the queue. It takes at least 3 tries. I queue cleaning all dirty mini goats but she cleans one, the action drops again. I queue calling them to the hay feeder and again it takes several attempts. 

I try to queue cleaning all mini goats and 2 horses because all 5 animals are standing around my Sim so it's ideal. Again she cleans one mini goat and all the other actions drop. I have to really watch her queue and make sure all animals have been cared for, I can't switch away or one will miss out. If her son or husband arrive home in the meantime (because it's taken all day) I quickly set them up with tasks and switch back but I can't watch their queue as well so sometimes their actions drop and they are left standing on the doorstep. It does seem worse depending on the lot and location, this was on a 50x50 lot in Sulani.

Edit: I just went to Granite Falls with 2 Sims for 7 days. Random Sims speaking to them cancelled all of their queued actions. It was so frustrating. I like to queue up harvesting, digging and bug catching as I'm moving through the forest and my Sim catches up with me as she follows the list of commands. But after finding items for her to collect in the forest suddenly her queue fills up with conversation interactions from strangers and they take priority automatically or wipe the queue completely and my Sim runs to them to respond. I check her companion who has been told to fish, and I find she's stopped fishing and is talking to randoms instead. It's rage inducing. The Sims in bear suits are the worst culprits along with angry Sims and the forest ranger.

There's a couple of common links here. Queue interactions drop because of these random Sims engaging with them and for pet owners the same thing often happens when the pets engage with them. So "listen to horse" is one that often wipes the queue and so is "hug" or "kiss" for a cat or dog (the Sim drops everything to go to the pet and shouts "calooo!"). It might be a starting point if these interruptions didn't take priority in the queue and cancel everything else. That would go some way to fixing at least part of the issue. Probably linked to autonomy problems.

Hope this is useful!


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