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[NEEDS SAVES] Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

by kpoplover77878

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[NEEDS SAVES] Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Enter a lot in build mode. Create a room and modify the terrain surrounding the room (doesn't matter whether you're elevating or lowering, etc.). Select Move Lot and attempt to rotate the lot.
What happens when the bug occurs? The room is rotated, but the terrain does not rotate.
What do you expect to see? The terrain should rotate along with the rest of the contents of the lot. Note that if you select Move House instead of Move Lot and hold down SHIFT to select the terrain after selecting the room, both the room and terrain will rotate (although it must be re-selected for each individual rotation).
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

I Built a beach house on a 64 by 64 lot in Brindleton bay for my Get Famous Sim. I didn't get the Get famous pack until 2 days ago so I built the shell of the house to then transfer to  my get famous save . After my sim reached the max fame amount and being extremely rich I decided to move her to the 64 by 64 lot in Del Sol Valley from the starter home in the lower income part of Del Sol Valley. I had placed the lot but it was placed facing backwards. I have tried to do everything to fix it but I doesn't seem to want to rotate. If I click rotate lot and then start to rotate it, it says that the room is not found. It only seems to be an issue with houses that have raised terrain from using the terrain manipulation tool. I tried to do it on other lots but keep having the same issue of "room not found". Does anyone know how to fix it?


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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

Do you have any mods or custom content (CC) in your game? Could you test without?
You can just move the folder to a location outside the Electronic Arts folder.
If the game works without your CC and mods in, your issue is probably caused by a broken mod or CC.
You can find a full list of broken/incompatible CC and mods since game updated on November 13th over here:

This update, updated the coding for mods so most mods need updating.
If it still doesn't work I suggest taking out half of your mods and CC and testing the game. Then keep splitting until you find all that is broken.
Either update or remove the broken CC/mods.  


do not work for EA

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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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I just encountered this problem with an older build, built prior to terrain tools - somebody informed me it was now placing backwards and when I placed it to check it, sure enough it placed backwards on every lot I tried it on. When trying to rotate the lot I got the same message as the original poster. This is not a cc or mod  problem because I have neither in my game and it is not limited to an elevated lots as this was an older lot before the tt patch. 

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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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The same issue in my game. Probably Maxis creators overlooked this problem It qualifies as a bug.

 Maybe @BryonyRae would like to check it out
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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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This is not a case of old CC / mods. Standard smile


I checked in my game and I agree with @ schnuck01 and @ kreatora.
This error occurs only in the case of old houses that were built before the November update.
When turning the house on a plot, the ground (grass, land, etc ...) formed under this plot does not rotate. And that's why this error arises.



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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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Not the best fix- only a temporary one I tried, but it works.

Try building rooms on terrain you want to preserve that doesn’t already have something built on it. Next, bulldoze terrain but not the house. Then rotate the lot as you would normally. It worked the couple times I tried it.

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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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Hi, all!  @kpoplover77878 I am able to duplicate the error you experienced, and it is definitely due to the terrain, which is not being rotated along with the structure (very easy to observe - you can go to a blank lot, elevate some terrain and then attempt to rotate the lot via move lot, and you can see that the terrain is not selected).  Now, interestingly, Move House will work if, after clicking on the structure, you hold SHIFT and also click on the terrain (you have to re-do this for each rotation though).  So I would try Move House as a workaround.


However, regarding the problem occurring with older homes that have no terrain manipulation, I was not able to reproduce the error in my game.  I tried some of my old (OLD) builds on various lots with no issues, so if someone could provide me with a gallery link or (author + name) of a build with the issue, I'd appreciate it.  Please note the lot you placed it on as well and your method of placement.  Let me tag @Danuta720 on this since you said you've observed it in your game.


I'm moving this issue to the Bug forum, and we can continue to troubleshoot then report it there.  


@kpoplover77878 I have edited your original post to add the required information for bug reporting.

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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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Just wanted to tag @kpoplover77878  and @Danuta720 again on this issue.  I will go ahead and add the terrain rotation issue to our list, but as I mentioned, I need more information regarding older homes with a rotation issue.  Thanks!

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Re: Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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@BryonyRae here is an example of an older house prior to terrain tools that now places backwards and can't be rotated. I placed this on Rippling Flats in Newcrest:

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Re: [OPEN] Lot with lifted terrain will not rotate

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I ran into this problem when I copied the Garden Essence lot (one of the premades from Willow Creek, that I had modified a bit) to use as a template for a new home in Newcrest. After several rounds of errors when trying to rotate the house and/or lot, I started deleting rooms to see if I could find what was causing the issue. I discovered that there were some spots of uneven terrain under the house - no idea if they came with the Maxis house or I put them there while learning to build.


I reimported the house from my library, and I was able to rotate both the lot and the house after I used the Terrain Tools -> Terrain Manipulation -> Flatten to Height (with the X Large Circle Brush) to forcibly even out the entire lot. Obviously not helpful for anyone wanting to keep their terrain.

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