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[NEEDS SAVES] Issue with placing stairs in a basement when raising foundation

by Elithian87

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Re: Raised foundation doesn't allow stairs into open basement.

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bumping because i've been having this issue since I first started playing the game haha, thought I could just ignore it but it's such an eyesore that i had to see if others are experiencing it too. good to know I'm not alone! would really love to know if this could be fixed.


here is how it looks in my game -

when the lot is slightly raised:

raised terrain 2.jpg


when the lot is raised higher:

raised terrain 1.jpg it supposed to look like this? lol

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Re: Raised foundation doesn't allow stairs into open basement.

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I am also having the same issue. This is a glitch or oversight that needs to be fixed ASAP. Stairs can be placed from main floor with a foundation extending into the basement, however the walls around the hole into the basement look really glitchy...almost incomplete as there are no walls surrounding it. . I tried deleting the ground in/around the stairs like I normally would for an "open to below" type balcony on the second/third floor, and then creating foundation walls around it to make the floor cutout into the basement look more natural, but then the stairs cannot be placed there and I get the error message "Incompatible With Terrain Constrain Blocks" as previously mentioned in someone else's reply. Its very frustrating that stairs CAN go to the basement with a foundation...but not the way you want them to. Stairs in general still have way too many problems that need to be worked through.... We are 6 YEARS into the game. How can you have an entire diagonal house but no diagonal stairs? Someone please answer me this. We also have no true "spiral" staircases like we have had in every previous Sims game. Please step it up EA. 


As a disclaimer, I use a lot of custom content, however it is frequently tested after patches. I get the same issue with the Mods folder removed from the game file.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Issue with placing stairs in a basement when raising foundatio

EA Sims Team

Could anyone experiencing this issue possibly share a save file with me where it's occurring? You can DM me the link to your save, thanks so much for the help!


Instructions for sending me your save:

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