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[NEEDS SAVES] (Group) Conversation leads to inappropriate love interest

by TheSteelRodent

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Worst glitch ever!

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So I had my sim flirt with his wife and they have a daughter, the daughter was not in the conversation, in fact she's miles away from her parents.

The parents flirted and somehow the dad and the daughter has romance while nothing change between the parent's romances.

I didn't take picture because I freaked out and grossed out when I saw romantic interest  in the sim profile, and oh ya the daughter is a child.

Anyway I closed sims 4  without saving and load up again, this time the parents flirt autonomously, and it still happen!!! HELP!

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Re: Worst glitch ever!

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And I have a similar issue where a child becomes flirty once he/she hears track on the radio. This has always been an issue since 2019 and somehow they left it unsolved 

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Re: Worst glitch ever!

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@jasonbrok47 it's just weird and in some way, really creepy...
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Re: Worst glitch ever!

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It's disconcerting that the team have known about this issue for ages- and have not done anything about it. There was a mod made to fix this issue, but the team needs to fix it officially (because mods, while amazing, are not official). If you look for the maker of the mod and google search "Fix For Roommate Behaviors Not Checking Valid Ages by thefreshsims" you can read his page for more information.
I think if word got out in social media then maybe this would get more attention to get it fixed asap. It's a vile bug.
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Re: Worst glitch ever!

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I end up used MCCC delete the entire relationship and cheat it back up, all those sentiments are gone, this is so much complicated than it should be. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] (Group) Conversation leads to inappropriate love interest

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This is certainly an issue. I can speak for a fellow console player who became uncomfortable after their male sim formed a (now irremovable) romance bar with his own toddler son after a romantic group convo.
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] (Group) Conversation leads to inappropriate love interest

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My male sim is apparently a "romantic interest" with the toddler son. I want to know how I can remove that relationship. I am on PC. 

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[Edit - CM] option in sims4 PS4 really needs to be addressed

[ Edited ]
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I don't know when it happened but when returning to sims4 PS4, as a basic user and player, with no cheats or add ons, its become apparent that biological parent and children can flirt, romance and (too scared to consider checking) woohoo.


As we all know [Edit - CM] is a global societal problem that is outlawed in most parts of the world, I'm truly shocked to find this is an actual gameplay option with EA Games.


Because Sims are a family forum and game, it is effectively grooming and condoning this kind of behaviour as acceptable for any age. It desensitises children from knowing the red flags of exploitation and abuse.


I dont like being a prude gamer or ruining anyone's fun but honestly we need some standards here, especially in a low rated PG game but hasn't anyone noticed this before?


I discovered this when my sim father started flirting and getting hot and heavy with his bio young adult daughter on autonomy!


This really promptly needs addressing. 

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Re: Incest option in sims4 PS4 really needs to be addressed

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@hippiechicklet This is a bug, it is not a feature. Were they in a group conversation when this happened? How old was the child sim when the romance bar appeared?


Edit: I've merged your post into the bug report for this issue. Please click the "Me Too" button at the bottom of the first post on the first page of the thread.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] (Group) Conversation leads to inappropriate love interest

EA Sims Team

Could anyone encountering this issue possibly share a save file with me where it's occurring? You can DM me the link to your save, thanks for the help!


Instructions for sending me your save:

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