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Re: [OPEN] [DU] Computer Engineering: Work from home task not completing

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This isn't just the Computer Engineering field, also the Freelance Crafter career (Bug link below) is having similar issues. This is repeated issue dating from a previous patch where it was repaired around Nov. 2020 but it is back again.


Does this mean you will be looking into what is causing the issue to these careers again and fix the issue soon?

I would like a response from a EA person at this point as it is continually getting broke then patched fixed and broke again.



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Re: [OPEN] [DU] Computer Engineering: Work from home task not completing

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@SimGuruNick Hi! It's been a few years since this was reported, but is it safe to assume that this has not yet been fixed? I'm currently playing an Engineer (lvl 4) & the Practice Programming work-from-home task will not complete no matter how many hours my Sims performs the task. I have a mod installed that lets me right-click to complete it, so I make due by having him program for a few hours & then I manually complete it. Do you still want safe files to review? Thank you. Have a great day!
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