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[NEEDS SAVES] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

by Hroun_88

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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Yep, it's 2020 and this issue is still unresolved. City Life can't seem to handle all of the Sims coming and going at all hours of the night in other apartments.

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Re: [OPEN] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

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How is this still a problem in 2020?! City Living came out in 2016! This is a serious problem that affects the gameplay negatively. This is pathetic. What am I suposed to do?! Not live in apartments? I mean... I bought the expansion pack, I would like to use it, right?!

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [CL] Time Jumps in apartments

EA Sims Team

Could anyone experiencing this issue possibly share a save file with me where it's occurring? Your Config.log (located in the TS4 folder in Documents) would also be helpful. You can DM me the link to your files, thanks so much for the help!


Instructions for sending me your files:

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