[NEEDS SAVES] Autonomously fighting loved ones

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I like Autonomously fighting in my game and I know a lot of people would be upset if it were removed

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Re: Autonomously fighting loved ones

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 I haven't  seen autonomously fighting of any kind in months even sparring

that might be a bug

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Re: Autonomously fighting loved ones

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Suggestive conversation... next thing i know they are fighting. Not vampiric duel, but actual fighting. Teen vampires. Now i cant get the friendship bar to move past friend again without cheating. The hell is that *? How does a suggestive conversation lead to a fight? Fix teenagers random stupid fighting * please. Full friendship and romance bar... now im.stuck trying to fix it. And everytime i click on him the break up option is there. Like wtf stop please. What even caused it in the first place?
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Re: Autonomously fighting loved ones

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@Abradley745 Does any of your teenagers have a really low Conflict Resolution (if you have Parenthood pack at all)? If so, try leveling it up, by in-game actions or by cheating.

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Re: Autonomously fighting loved ones

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My vampire sim (young adult) gets negative conflict resolution points when I use  vampire sparring!

Patch v.



@MadameNightOwl  schrieb:

I'm tagging @SimGuruNick again, even though I mentioned the things below in my private message before, but I'd like to add something more to my thought after testing, and share with others here.


All right, I think I know what's the deal with that fighting. Maybe I'm not 100% right, but I think I'm on the right track.


The problem are the Character Values, the Conflict Resolution to be exact. During Vampiric Spars and Vampiric Duels, a vampire loses some Conflict Resolution. It happens even for Young Adults or Adult Sims, even for those who was created as such. Both interactions are pretty quick way to gain some vampire points (and be honest, they look pretty awsome). But as the result of that, our vampires' Conflict Resolution decreases a little every time. It's easier with teens in the sense that we can control that on their Simology chart, but we can't with adults.


I've done some testing with a new family where nobody is a vampire. I used cheats to lower Conflict Resolution. At first I gave a father the value of -90 (so he was in the range to get Argumentative Trait). It took some time but he started a fight with his teenage daughter on his own. Then I started over and I gave a mother the value of -75 (so she was low, but not in the range). She started a fight with her husband. I wasn't really controlling them during testing, definitely not when fighting occured. They all had almost max positive relationships, and no negative moodlets. Most of people with this problem have a vampire with hot-headed trait (or insane), but my tested mother was Materialistic, Clumsy and Good. So I believe that since hot-headed trait lowers Conflict Resolution by default, those Sims get to a negative-fighting-level quicker and it's easier to be noticed (I'm not sure about insane, but I assume it's the same).


To sum up, the main problem here is that Sims with low Conflict Resolution don't control their argumentativeness at all. I get that it should be unpredictable, but at the same time I believe they should not fist fight with their loved ones. They could argue, but not fight. Or at least not when they don't even have any negative moodlets. The additional problem is that adult Sims are gaining any Character Values while we can't control that (we can't see it in their Simology). 


I hope my observation will be helpful, and that something can be done with these issues.

I think @MadameNightOwl could be right!


So I don't want to use this interaction anymore. I don't want my vampire fighting everyone. I've also seen this happen with other character values. I love vampire sparring. Please fix the bugs with all character values because, like @MadameNightOwl said, we can't control it.

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomously fighting loved ones


All of the vampire fighting social super interactions (for duel, spar and slay) have periodic stat change for conflic resolution enabled. But it doesn't test for age, meaning young adult, adult and elder sims using vampire fighting will get conflict resolution loss added to them.


I made this small change to all of the vampiric fight interactions I could find and it seems to be working:


            <V t="statistic_change">
              <U n="statistic_change">
                <T n="amount">-0.06031746</T>
                <T n="stat">161616<!--lifeSkillStatistic_ConflictResolution--></T>
                <L n="tests">
                    <V t="sim_info">
                      <U n="sim_info">
                        <V n="ages" t="specified">
                          <L n="specified">

I hope that helps the SimGurus to isolate and correct the issue in an official patch. Until then, anyone who wants to use my fix mod can find it by doing a Google search for my WordPress blog using the terms "simvasion sims 4 mods" (because direct linking to mods is not allowed on AHQ Angel).

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomously fighting loved ones

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Thank you so much @simvasion for your mod! I don't have the latest patch and the new add on I decided to wait for the next patch, but I'm so happy, because I know I am able to use vampire spar again without that issue. You made my day Standard smile

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomously fighting loved ones

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I disabled the expansion using commands in origin and it was fixed. If you are interested, I'm leaving the post here: https: //pekesims.com/tutoriales/ls4/tecnicos-ls4/pekesims-responde-como-desactivar-packs-de-los-sims-4/. This will allow you to disable it (without uninstalling it) until the bug has been fixed (sorry, the post is in spanish, thats explains my english Tongue out).

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomously fighting loved ones

@andredieche I think you might be referring to the fights happening with the Eco Pack ? This thread is a lot older and about a different issue.

Please use this thread for issues with the NAP fighting: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/NEEDS-INPUT-ECO-Sims-keep-getting-into-brawls-with-EVERYONE/m-...

Good Luck


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Re: [OPEN] Autonomously fighting loved ones

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i mentioned this also previously and only with vampires involved. when my (magic) sim was visiting his friends in Forgotten Hollow the vampires started to fight immidiatley and this was no common vampire fight but a normal one


Forgotten Hollow Desaster


also this dangerous guys were flirting with my sim all the time, even her sisters boyfriend which i think is so disgusting. i think now it may have to do with the N.A.Ps again but i did not check out which ones were active in Forgotten Hollow. 


A complete day of fighting and flirting... yes yes The Sims 😅

First it was funny to observe but later i thought this is too wierd and then i found out in this forum that there are basic issues as we know 

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