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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Stairs get dark in enclosed rooms

by SheriGR

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Re: Stairs Bug on iMac.

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BugLove888, thank you for testing this for us. This is so strange because when I first got The Sims 4 last October, the stairs were pure white. Have your had this experience for a long time?

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Re: Stairs Bug on iMac.

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Bluebellflora, so this is happening to everyone for a long time? Don’t you think it’s a bit strange? If it’s supposed to be white it should be white indoors without turning dark. Also, how does The Sims team know about these bugs? Do they read the bug forum? Many thanks.

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Re: Stairs Bug on iMac.


It doesn't bother me and I don't remember it being any different.

It's been forwarded Standard smile

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Re: Stairs Bug on iMac.

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@Bluebellflora thanks for informing that it is being forwarded. Sorry for “re-posting” something from 2015. I wasn’t trying to, I was just pointing something out to you. Don’t know why EA thought I was. Many thanks.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Stairs get dark in enclosed rooms

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@CiTob1899 I have reproduced your room and can confirm that I see the same behavior for this staircase in my game.


I also agree with @PugLove888 that this seems to be a issue - the stairs getting darker than they should - with all stairs. I'm not sure if this one is any more intense, but it does go from white to a medium to dark-medium gray at places, even with a light directly over the stairwell and huge windows lining the walls on both levels, afternoon light, no curtains, & plenty of lights in the rooms (see screenshots). This is far more lighting than any normal staircase would have, plus the stairs are white to start with. Without all of the extra lighting and windows on both levels mine looks like the screenshot @Bluebellflora added of what she sees in her game.


Perhaps this could be connected with the other issues currently of certain shadows being more intense lately?


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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Stairs get dark in enclosed rooms

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Hello @SheriGR, sorry for the late reply, thanks for testing this issue as well. Yes it appears that this issue has happened before in older posts concerning lighting and shadows. I am surprised it hasn’t been resolved yet. Hoping The Sims Team fixes this in a future patch. 🙂
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