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[NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sims)

by tetremuvi

Original Post

[NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sims)

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? PC
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All except Moschino
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? 1) Have a spellcaster target a teen sim when other teen and older sims are on the lot. Infatuate spell will not show any teenagers as options, will only show YA/A/Es. 2) Have a spellcaster target a blood relative with infatuate 3) Have a spellcaster target a sim with infatuate while several appropriate female sims are on the lot
What happens when the bug occurs? 1) Infatuate menu will not list other teen sims as possible romances, but instead the YA+ sims. A successful cast (or unsuccessful cast if the caster is YA+) will cause the teen and the YA/Adult/Elder to kiss and form a romantic relationship. Even if you try to be more appropriate and have a teen sim cast it on two adults, if the spell backfires, caster and target will kiss even with the age difference (same can be said with an adult caster and teen target). 2) If the spell fails, the relatives will kiss and form a romantic relationship. If other family members are on lot, they might be selectable (definitely sisters and caregivers, unknown about parents/children/other relationships) and will kiss if the spell is successful 3) Not all female sims show up all the time even if they're on the lot. I haven't noticed if this also happens with male sims, so while I think it's a gender issue, it might just be that some sims are excluded and the male sims I've had around have all been included so far.
What do you expect to see? 1) when a teen is targeted, only teens show up in the infatuate menu. If there is an age discrepancy between caster and target (i.e. teen caster with adult target or adult caster with teen target), a backfired spell will not cause a kiss and romantic relationship. 2) target's blood relatives do not show up in infatuate menu. If caster targets their own blood relative, a backfire will not result in a kiss between the relatives. I would say that I think Caregivers should be included in this too but that should be handled by fixing #1 3) All appropriate sims on the lot show up in the infatuate menu
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Release of Realm of Magic

Here's a video of a few tests. First I only noticed the teen/adult thing, but then later I noticed that my household with three sisters could get into some questionable situations with each other. For that household, the YA sister is a caregiver over the teens. Also, the blond sim in the household is unrelated to them, but so far hasn't shown up in any infatuate menus, whether she's a caregiver for the teen sims or not, or if I'm using completely different targets. At first when I was messing around with it, I thought it might have been because she didn't have the right sexual orientation to be available for male sims, but she should have shown up if the red headed sister did, and the male sim I chose in the first clip showed up even though he's never had romantic interactions with male sims, only female sims.


Let me know if you want this to be three separate posts. I figured it was better to bundle them since all three aspects are the spell acting inappropriately.


I didn't test any other similar spells or potions.

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Re: Incest, Age, and possibly Gender Issues with Infatuate Spell

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I've noticed this too! Hopefully this can be looked into sooner rather than later given the subject matter

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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I am guessing that this is by design- especially given the tone of the pack (curses, backfires, magic being a bad thing to play with). Using an infatuate spell should always be a 'no-no' (as should other 'spells'), so this is likely "as intended". The implementation is poor, as always, and questionable. There has long been other issues, like child sims (whose parents are famous) being offered to model the "WooHoo Wear" clothing line. Of course this is beyond 'inappropriate', but EA/Maxis finds it (disgustingly) acceptable. So, the spell backfiring on the teenage sim seems to be exactly as standard (inappropriate) Maxis/EA gameplay. Hopefully one day they will stop. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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If this is not a bug, then the game will lose its "Teen"-rating, should this ever become known to the wider public. Personally, I believe it's just an oversight, but compounded with the amount of other bugs currently in the game, this is a recipe for disaster! The guru's might not take this one serious enough - until some big shot law-man sees his daughter playing a game that offers incestuous relationships without mods! Whether by design or bug, the result is the same. Devastating.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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@DMDragonCT I seriously doubt that this is by design.


There have been mixups with age and gender tags many times before.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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I highly doubt this is by design considering there is no other way to get teens and adult sims, or blood relatives to have a romantic relationship without mods. There used to be bugs where teens could end up with a romantic relationship with celebrities they didn’t know well, or that you could send bees to romance a blood relative, but those were quickly patched out of the game when they were brought to the devs’ attention. This kind of thing is very different than the sims 1 having a vibrating bed and dancers coming out of cakes. This 100% feels like the spell was brainstormed and tested with only YA and up in mind, and the only questionable/inappropriate part was meant to be any underlying ‘consent’ issues, but since the sims is all about controlling sims and there’s no unrequited relationships like the sims 2, I personally don’t see an ethical difference between the player telling a spellcaster to use infatuate on two appropriate sims vs the player telling the two appropriate sims to flirt until they can kiss. 


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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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@crinrict   Ok, I can see how my words may have been misunderstood.


So let me make this clear: Of course I think it's a bug and completely unintentional on part of the Sim's team!


It is obviously an oversight.


There have been issues before where inappropriate relationships could be formed as a result of rare situations and/or circumstances.


However, my point was that all those were clearly unintentional.


This one is different: A player with the intent of creating incestuous relationship currently has the tools to do so with that spell!


Am I the only one who is seeing legal implications for my favorite game here?

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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@tetremuviyou pointed it out yourself (consent). And, yes, ethically, I would view forcing two sims on each other (or a player making their sim do actions- such as repeated harassment until the other sim 'caved') as a serious issue. I have played enough of TS4 that I can tell you that there is unreturned flirtations. I often see sims out and about and when one flirts the other holds up a hand, or is embarrassed, or other dismissals of the advances. I have also watched Game Changers on YT that have used their sim to forcefully pursue another sim (even after the other sim indicated "NO" several times). So yes, there is unrequited advances in game.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [ROM] Infatuate Spell shows wrong target Sims (age/related Sim

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Rejected advances are different than unbalanced relationships. In the sims 1 and 2, one sim could have a crush on a sim who didn’t feel the same way, or just have different levels on the relationship bar, so sim a might have a 100% relationship bar with sim b but sim b only has a 80% bar with sim a. In the sims 4, if sim A has a 100% relationship bar with sim b, when you switch to sim b, they’ll also have a 100% relationship bar with sim a. But even with 100% friendship and romance bars, sims in the sims 4 have a chance to reject romantic advances if their mood is low or something. 


When Maxis uploaded all those new sims on the gallery for the 5th anniversary of the sims 4, they wrote in their household descriptions a weird love angle between a few of the sims where like sim a liked sim b and disliked sim c, but sim b liked sim c and didn’t care about sim a, and sim c didn’t care about either of them, but that relationship dynamic is impossible to accurately represent in a modless game because if you make sim a have a romantic interest in sim b, sim b will reciprocate it because that’s how relationships work in ts4. 


But none of that has to do with this bug so I’ll let cinrict go back to getting input lol

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Creepy bug

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OK first of all poor eyesight so if theres a bug report link I could not find it, sorry bout that.


The bug is when you get the infatuate spell in the realm of magic pack you can make adults make out with their teen kids.


My platform is the standard PS4,  


I am hoping it can be fixed





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